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Home: Laughter and Friends

Yesterday we had a play group here– was in the middle of painting and painting but I needed my friends to come-over and laugh! – after they left, all I could think of is this posting below which is I am not the original owner! The state of my home doesn’t matter, cans of paint everywhere.. – its the conversations that take place in here that mattered!  right?

Meaning in our Homes

Goals and expectations anyone?

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Happy Mothers Day 2013

Today I celebrate my Mother and  my grandmother (the only living one) and my 3 little ones who have made me a mommy. We all know she ( mama) is our role model and hero — Married at 19 yrs and  with no post secondary school education but  built a business empire! Giving us one thing she didn’t get decent education – we went to private schools, and universities to achieve our dreams!  – we say without blinking  that she is our role model.  To some think it’s cliche, but to us it’s a fact.  we love and miss you mama – RIP


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How true!

Happy Mothers day to all mom out there…


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