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Happy Mothers Day 2013

Today I celebrate my Mother and  my grandmother (the only living one) and my 3 little ones who have made me a mommy. We all know she ( mama) is our role model and hero — Married at 19 yrs and  with no post secondary school education but  built a business empire! Giving us one thing she didn’t get decent education – we went to private schools, and universities to achieve our dreams!  – we say without blinking  that she is our role model.  To some think it’s cliche, but to us it’s a fact.  we love and miss you mama – RIP


Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.17.47 AM

How true!

Happy Mothers day to all mom out there…



Parenting the 2nd time …

What a great day to blog and read blogs. I took time off to do some blog and social media marketing and consultation. So my really good friend called me very early in the morning: Excited she said, “We expecting baby # 3, it’s a surprise, but what can I expect?” congrats I said … am really super excited for her since she is one of those great parents!That is a hard and easy question… each kid is different and each time you add another that means one more mouth to feed, one more person to potty train, one more person to dress up etc…

ImageBut I think I am much wiser with number 2 or 3 than number 1…A better parent I am or I tend to believe. Experiences grow us and they change us and allow us to realize what’s important and what’s not. It’s like I was on a test run but not I am parenting.

# I learned that little ones require time and attention!

# More laid back

# I cuddled more since I realized how in a few months they will wiggle out of your arms

# I lay off the parenting books and just parented my style

# Nursing her was enjoyable at number 3 than number 1 since I knew how much time will fly and this will be over too

# Less stress out on feeding her– I knew this is just cycle

# Less anxious over germs getting into everything – but enjoyed each moment

# I focus on the joys and not the work involved

I just feel I’m more comfortable with myself and not prove myself…this is who God made me to be.

 So parents do you parent differently with you 1, 2, 3 etc… in what ways? … Please share.

Kenya 2012 Part II

So I posted pictures of our 1st part of the trip here   and Mark made a video you can view it here.. After Mark left I had moments of ‘ticket change remorse’ but I knew I had a few business to take care of here ( so I consoled myself)  I missed Mark..The kids missed him sooo much.

*** May I just brag that Joey has a cuteee ( not biased at all) Kenyan accent! He speaks lots of swahili in sentences… proud mama!****

Okay here is a treat to Kenyan sunset:)-

Mara sunset

Sarah is attempting to walk to keep up with the big cousins.

Stepping it up :)-

Eat, Laugh & Wow..its been years! These girls I have known since 1st grade!

April is here, my baby Joey turned 5! A day at luna park and then a day  of eating cake Yum…- Happy 5th birthday Joey and God bless you.

Joey, Hannah and Cousin T

Kisses for birthday boy

more kisses for birthday boy

Best Friends (Cousins)

Ahhh the cake!

The cake!

Alright,  9 days later guess who turns one ! My Sweet Sarah is one…. where did time go? Happy Birthday Sarah we love you so much and God bless you sweet girl…

Birthday girl and digestive biscuits

Birthday Girl

Kenyan yummy food

The party is on….

After all the April sugar.. we spent time visiting with family & friends.

Cousin Marion – Love you girl


Aunt Millie & Family ( Reminds me so much of my mom… always loving and giving)

Took a bus to go see my other Aunt Grace — so warm, welcoming and abundant love! She lives out in the country running a library and farming.

buying vegetables on our way

Random young boys heading to the river to get some water…

Random..beautiful young girl walk back from school

Aunt Grace on the far right -- these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)

Aunt Grace on the far right — these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)


Okay — so Hannah got sick, scare! she gets fibril seizures anytime her  temperatures rises real fast. So she did gets one of those and I was not HOME, I was 30 miles away and in Nairobi traffic that translates to (2hrs away)! I still shake up typing this… — Well  lets all just pray for her to outgrow it. Doc said around 5-6year Yikes. Seems so far!

My sick baby –

Its getting close just a 3 weeks to go! I am already feeling rushed again….

My fishes.. Harriet & Joey

Finally Sarah in the pool

Finally Sarah in the pool

Hannah loved carrying her baby on her back…just like all us African mamas

Baby on my back….



Chapati just test better in the laundry basket

Chapati just test better in the laundry basket


Then the tradition –family picture time came. Off course typical of “some” of us, it had to be a last minute project. Getting everyone together was hard ( yes) — considering Kenya is smaller than Colorado and Nairobi is probable the size of Castle rock (maybe not).  We picked a date and time –but again… only 1 person on time…most of us were late some 1 hour late, some 2, 4 hours and some forgot all together.. cutting this story short.. here is the family 5 out of 6! I love you all… laughing at how the pics turned out :)- OR maybe that I am the one who was super LATE:)-

my siblings 5 out of 6

Well well.. we left Kenya on May 2nd.. I mean it, everybody took us to the airport..a fleet! felt special, I cried leaving. The kids slept in flight since we were traveling at their regular sleep times– the layover was still the hardest!  Entertaining them for 10 hours nonstop took a toll on my body and brain…  but we were so glad to be back! Thanks to Mark for letting us take so much time away ( we missed you so much)

Thank you friends and family for all the prayers and sweet emails, calls and texts!!

So happy to see daddy!

Glad to be home…praise God for the wonderful trip!

***Okay I said I would not whine about it anymore but whatever!  so the airport officer ( what are they called?) threw away my Kenyan beef spices Roiko at the point of entry ( I choose not to dwell on that today)  but I had to whine a little more again today — I cried wept!!…

FUN …..here are a few random pics why I LOVE AFRICA …  just for laughs from all over ( and Africa, this is why i live here)  enjoy and laugh… “…Yes every 60 seconds life does happen in Africa!”

Importance of play

Yes – keep playing

need ride? ( boderline walk)

Do you need ride ? ( borderline walk)

goat ride...

goat ride…

well worn

well worn

hanging out….

Think twice before littering

Stopping car theft

Stopping car theft ( NOTE: I didn’t experience this…)

I love the singular use….

24 hours? --- African time it means!... "Stacia don't laugh"

24 hours? — African time it means!… “Stacia don’t laugh”




..and if you are in PETA that chicken is totally fine.. African chicken know how to relax!

Chicken having his tea

Chicken having his tea

Cows crossing… I love Africa!

TV cafe … like movie theaters. just pay to watch

Tell me - don't you love Africa?

Tell me – don’t you love Africa?

Enjoyment of the English language) ...

Enjoyment of the English language) …

Okay… enough.. Thank you all again! you thankful for everything in this life!




Happy Mother day – 2012

Happy Mother day - 2012

Just received this today and I thought it was a wonderful reminder.



Kenya 2012 – Part I

The Flight: So I left Denver at 6 PM with 3 kids under 4 on a 24 hour flight/ trip to Nairobi. I must say it went OK ( not that i expected anything better…) They fell asleep in-flight at 9PM Denver time and voila! we arrived  Heathrow London ( I don’t like this airport at all…) at 3 AM Denver time… We had to switch aiports, with 3 kids and a carry on and a backpack – some nice, handsome pilots helped me on the train and then I was by myself  for a 45 mins bus ride and check in ( Oh I don’t like this airport)….This is when trouble began.. how do you entertain your kids at an airport for 9 hours layover at this odd time of the day.night? … my mother in law had sent me a care in flight package with an energy shot in it.. so that was helpful.   I had a color book and stickers from Mel which kept them busy for awhile, then Clair gave me calm homeopathic tablets and this helped calm down everyone eventually– after 7 hours of STOP IT! QUIT THAT… they fell asleep and 2 hours latter we boarded for Nairobi….they refused to fall asleep… They played around (aka noise) for 5 hours, made friends and just slept for the last 3 hour… Thank you for all your prayers, we made it to the city under the sun!

Baby Sarah sleeping

Nap at the airport

In flight fun

We arrived Kenya at 6 AM. Oh, I forgot to say, they accidentally checked in my double stroller in Denver all the way to Nairobi – remember I didn’t like London Airport? So we arrive to Nairobi and the stroller is missing… anyway, safe and sound we are ready to enjoy the  fresh air, family, Friends and the sun –

Here introducing my family…. I have 5 siblings, 4 In-laws, 8 nieces and nephews.. gazillion cousins, aunts and uncles – I love it!

Eldest sister Lilian

My siblings from left - Colin, Cliff, Awino and us

My youngest brother Cliff

My loving sister In-law Philly and bro Poly


Aunt Nancy

Left: My sister in Law Euphie, Brother In Law, My sister Awino, cousin Violet and us

My niece baby Sheryl passed away on February 15th may your soul rest in peace sweet girl. So thankful I got to meet you and hold you.

Kenya is the same, it feels like a vacation but its home.. East or west I guess home is home! … we were all ready to have fun.

snack time - chevra perhaps

Cooling off with Nicole


Slip and slide

Pool fun

New hair do - in progress...

Our nanny Triza

One of those a must photos at the animal orphanage

Hugs from cousin Violet

Awww... my BFF Joy & her family

Welcome Yummy Cake - Thank you Joy & Family

After the jet lag and a few weeks of resting in Nairobi, we decided to start on our road trips. Its time to go to Alego for some country life.  It was a quick 6 hour trip – after 24 hours in the plane everything seems quick anyway.

Arrived Alego

Shower time

Celebrating the harvest

Back on the road to Eldoret to see a good family friend Marianne and a beautiful drive thro nandi hills and the Kerio valley.   At this point you should think we are getting used to these long road trip but we still get cranky…just love showing off my birth country to my family.

Enjoying the view

The Kerio Valley

Girls -

The boys

week 4;  drove to Imbo to see my maternal grandma and cousins. My grandma is one kind woman, courageous, generous, loving, nurturing, Intelligent, funny, faithful, compassionate.. I could write a whole book on her…

Grandma Dearest

Fire is ready!



chai and Bread time....

More upcountry pictures…

Hardworking African mama

Herding the cows

Random beautiful kids

Swinging under the Mango tree

Drying our clothes

Chasing the goats

Two Akinyi's - I love these girls!

Fresh Water!

Maji baridi


Week six, we are back to Nairobi… resting and swimming. I signed up Joey for Swim lessons so we are just taking it easy, meeting up with more family & friends, a few business and ‘important stuff” here and there… 

Sarah getting so big

New baby - Friends from High School :)- love you girls!

Play station time

Our drive back to Nairobi

Swim classes

So week seven; My baby is here! Yes Mark got in safe – thank you again for all the prayers. Mark got in at 11PM after the kids were in bed , so in the morning, it was lots of screaming, hugs and kisses from the kids.


We took many trips around including going back to the village, he went back hills hiking…then to see my grandma again…

My kids want a bunny? these were $2 a piece

A monkey on our car... Africa!

View Point

Date night with childhood girlfriend Trixie and her husband Henry...

Date night with my friend Joy & her hubby Albert

Just taking it easy enjoying daddy and playing catch up. we took a trip to lake Nakuru National park.

We drove up to Kajiado to see our Compassion sponsor child Naiserian. Her beautiful laugh, smile just warmed our hearts. So thankful to God we can experience this rare opportunity with you – God bless you.

Visiting Naiserian, her brother and mom

Naiserian School


My Africa! cows and zebra grazing together....

Giraffes on the road - our drive home

Week 8 is here…. we are getting ready to fly back to America (never mind, we have decided to stay another 5 weeks)—-Its my birthday this week, a passion fruit cake was ordered :)- and saying goodbyes to my hubby dearest (tears….)

Family picture.....

Birthday cake

samosa time...

Well I am so thankful for all the support, prayers, emails, skype, text messages and phone calls – I miss you all my other friends and family in America and the world. God bless.



Family Pictures

I am one of those people who love pictures. I treasure those memories in pictures but sometimes it could be very stressful!  My kids are squirmy! If you read my thankful list,  my camera features there!!! So my friend Wendy was very nice to take our fall pictures. My other friend Angie before launching her business used to take our pictures.  These are  friends  not only whose work I  like, but ones who makes my kids feel at ease and has fun with them so they  naturally smile and laugh.

I do love the outdoors photography, the natural light but am not anti studio – I love the studio look with  clean solid color background and props for the  kids.We love it when a  professional photographer takes our pictures too, but my kids sometimes are not in the mood :)- This time around I used some bribes — lollipop! I tell you it worked, we got some really nice one.. my wall and frames are  waiting!!!

See the lollipop?

A good one of the 3 kids

All smiles

Love the natural light outside

I will post the rest on a private album on Facebook –

So what is your strategy in keeping the kids still when you take family pictures?

Overprotective mama?

So have you been following the Penn State scandal? It’s pretty graphic!  I know I can be an overprotective mama sometimes but stuff like this doesn’t make it any better. Particularly when all you want is to always assure them that God will protect them. We always read to the kids these verses when we have to leave to go out on a date or appointments and they are crying scared (I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous Josh. 1:5-6 🙂 and I also like The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8

My son is almost 5 and my dream was always to start in early on community building and volunteering/charity activities but after reading and listening to the Penn State shame that has gone on – I just decided to put on my “over protective” mom hat on again.. Sigh! As a mother to a little boy, my thoughts and prayers to those little boys who looked up to Sandusky trusting him, they were so defenseless.

So my question is; at what age are they are old enough for you to begin to talk about pedophiles to them? 

Marriage Conference 2011

I really can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend the Family Life marriage conference two weeks ago ‘a weekend to remember’ with my husband in Lone tree, CO.  We laughed together, learned together and Loved! The speakers (Bryan Loritts and Tim & Noreen Muehlholff) were so knowledgeable and super entertaining! At first the thought of leaving the kids overnight anywhere was overwhelming but at 7:30 am on Saturday it was weird (like nice weird) not to hear somebody scream my name across walls “mommy!!!” – What a nice way to get away, spend time with my husband and hear what plans God has for our family~ this husband of mine is truly my gift from God.  

I loved it that there was a variety of couples in the crowd; – couples who’ve  been married for over 40 years Hoot! Then there was the newlywed and pre-weds Hoot!  I loved the woman to woman session. I almost teared up, Noreen is such a sweet and down to earth wife! Also, all the topics were on point… why marriages fail, unlocking the mystery of marriage, marriage after dark, leaving a legacy etc….Well, long, long time ago I used to think marriage conferences were for people with marital issues But as we attended our 2nd conference in 6 years of marriage this past weekend, we met attendees just like us who use it as an opportunity to keep  focus and develop a Godly marriage & Godly parenting. Also learn more about God’s design for our family! In addition, we saw the true value of constantly investing in our marriage no matter how long we are together.. The weekend was totally worth the investment!

We both agree that we owe that to our three children.

Oh, also I just added lots of books under my to read list ~ Top of the list the are,;

Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel and God’s Design for Sex Series by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones

Marriage, I want to get this… Love & respect: the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs [Book]

Join the challenge

Thanks Becoming a Strong Woman of God!

“There are lots of things you can do with sand; but do not try building a house on it.” C.S. Lewis

…. A tribute to my beautiful mama

So fresh, I still remember on that Saturday September 11th six years ago when I got the phone call that my mom was gone!  My sister said, ” Nancy mom is gone…” I answered … gone where? and then about 5 seconds later it sank in… YES, she was gone, she had passed!

In my arms I held you tight
Through the hardest part of life
In my heart the memories clear
Of the greatest mum I love so dear
I held you so close to my heart
Praying that we’ll never part
But angels came and took you away
And a tear I shed for your everyday
Now a shining lit up star
My mum will watch from up far
In all the pain I’m going through
Just remember,
I’m here with you & still love you.

RIP until we meet again……

Things I would do different …

Inspired my friend Brandy and other fellow bloggers,  Ameena ,  Courtney on what kind of things they would do different as a parent or as a pregnant mama… It got me thinking. Definitely there are 1 million things I would do different if there was even a next time or start doing different… Including – just plain simple, not get pregnant in the first place ‘off course that is joke’ — I love these munchkins!

  1. Just write everything down, Yes I have forgotten many funny-priceless moments already!
  2. Talk to every pregnant mama I see and encourage them and tell them they look great – It’s just “weight” and it’s worth the wait!!!
  3. Wait!!… Maybe gain less weight, yes; I know I am an expert at convincing myself the baby needs a slice of cheesecake every afternoon… So this would be very hard to do different. But I will throw it in here for my doctors, you never know!
  4. Not to be all struck up on the schedule, I know it works… BUT sometimes it’s okay for the baby to follow ‘mommy’s schedule’ right?
  5.  Just stop and enjoy each moment and not to worry over small things or tomorrow.
  6. Not to be too paranoid about nursing in public … Not duck into the restroom all the times…we all eat in public so baby can eat in public too right?
  7. Use the Pacifier / binky– It can be exhausting being the cow and the paci at the same time!
  8. Maybe look more into cloth diapers as a money saving option – I know I am too lazy but note the look in my sentence.
  9. Promise not to let myself compare with anybody else or let anybody compare me or my baby with theirs… They are all different and all special in God’s eyes… easy said than done!
  10. Have great comebacks for those who tell me I am enormous and ask me if I am going to have twins… Oh and even better for the strangers who ask me if my pregnancy was planned
  11. Get out of the house sooner – like really sooner! Sleep + Sun = Happy mummy! Since Sleep is at nil, I might as well double up on the sun.
  12. Not to read too much, really rely on my maternal instinct most of the times… not tie myself in knots reading every book I find – too much information (which many times contradicts anyway) can be dangerous
  13. Just pray for the kiddos more than I am doing…..
  14. Take more pregnancy pictures – Yikes!
  15. Last but not least maybe just raise a cow in the backyard… at the rate milk is being consumed in this house, that would have been a cheaper option :)-

Do you sometimes wonder on what you would do different? Share please…. I love this parent journey, it’s like a maze!

Summer Bucket list

So the summer seems be coming  to an end  (at least for me…) and the do to bucket list is still full.. Lots of family, friends  and travelling  going on. So today we decided to go venture the Denver zoo and it felt like a real zoo! Kids running everywhere, all the soccer moms screaming ‘Makyla, Kaylin, Ethan…you know those names that sounds the same to me….’  looking for their children. Animals everywhere – the parking lot full with vans and luxury cars – sigh!

Anyway, lesson # 1 learned, don’t schedule or add any house hold projects in the summer bucket list— it will never be done!!! — Strawberries, Splash, Sprinklers, Swimming = Super Summer

Parents keep child’s gender under wraps

You can read the story here:


So I just reading this on Yahoo and thought I would give my .20 cents which might be worth .5ct in this economy ~ So basically this mom is going to keep her child’s ‘sex’ a secret? Wow! Really this world is getting crazier! Society may assign us gender roles, but doesn’t our genetics assign our sex?  I am all for raising my children to be who they want to be, I would never discourage them from stepping out of their gender roles… If my son wants to cook, clean and bake all day I will let him… my little girl plays with planes, train and super hero’s all day. But despite all that, at their ages, they already identify with their specific genders. Sure, sometimes my son picks the dolls and sometimes my daughter pretends to be superman and that is so great. Children will pick up gender cues from the society, regardless of what us parents intend… you remember that whole “nature verse nurture debate” I let them choose what they want to do but with guidance. But not telling their sex to the loved ones or the community sounds crazy!  I believe it is our job as parent’s to lead and guide our little ones, it’s our God-given responsibility! It truly makes the kiddies happy when they are taught and helped with making their choices – it surely did make me feel happy. They need boundaries, guidelines, rules, consequences and opportunities. Really when they are older and more mature, they can make their own decisions – they have their whole life to make their own decisions…

Also, protecting their kids from the very world they will have to function in and suffer or benefit from for the rest of their lives? Wouldn’t this make them feel like outsiders forever?  This world is harsh as it is….. If they are truly fair-minded – why not let the kids interact with other kids?

But you know what who’s judging?

Mothers day 2011 …..

I tell my husband that the kids are gifts to me and that is enough for me but  still they get me cards and flowers + an afternoon of picnic and ice-cream!  Just cuddle, giggles, kisses, hugs and reading a book to them sounds enough to me –I love them and I am thankful for them making me a mother!  Many challenges but so many more rewards….The greatest gift  I hope to give them as a Mom is to raise them with a passion for God’s Word and to tell them of God’s Love and His plans for their future.

I love all my friends & family too – they make this day special with great cards and messages…  my only wish is that  my mum was alive so that I celebrate, hug, laugh with her and  tell her how much I appreciated her ~thank you for showing me how to be a mother. I remember you momma in such a special way.

Quotes from other moms…

  1. I remember when I was a kid I asked my mom “When is it Kid’s Day?” She said “Honey, EVERY day is Kid’s Day.” LOL. So here’s to us…overworked, sometimes under-appreciated, sleep deprived, exhausted Moms! -Joy B.
  2. Even though you may feel unappreciated, exhausted and busy as heck, take the day to sit back and look at the miracles you made. -Tammy B.
  3. Mother’s Day is just another excuse for me to make myself brownies for breakfast. -Renee C.
  4. Both my kids got sick with the flu the day before Mother’s Day so my hubby and I spent the day taking care of our girls. I’m pretty sure that is what being a mommy is all about though. -Julia P.
  5. Mother’s Day is what you make of it. Give your kid a huge hug and sit and cuddle while reading a book, or watch some TV. It’s the love, not the sleeping in. -Michelle M.
  6. I’ve learned over the years to not expect too much out of commercial holidays; treat each day as Mom’s Day by glomming onto the unexpected compliments, smiles from your children and moments of gratefulness. The gifts, flowers, etc. that are pushed on families for Mothers’ Day are overrated. Wait until your child brings you his/her own specially picked dandelion or such and your heart will soar. -Sharron M.
  7. You will always be your child’s favorite toy. -Vicki L.
  8. As long as you never give her a pony. -Katherine C.
  9. If your kids are giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the part that says ‘keep away from children.’ -Susan S.
  10. This is my 22nd Mother’s Day…I can honestly say they seem to be like birthdays, some good and some are the worst. No matter what, take the day to pat yourself on the back and know you are the best mom. -Chris C.

We hope your Mom’s Day is perfect… Happy, Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

DIY: Fire Truck 4th Birthday Party

My Baby boy turns 4

Fire Truck Cake

Fire Truck Cake

It’s been a nice 4 year having my baby in life… I still get excited when we celebrate another birthday. This time, a fire truck birthday party – yes with real fire men! I loved this cake from the Betty Crocker tutorial and my  girl friend Angie help me put it together. My first cake and it was super easy! How fun!  The age four is just a magnified 3 years old…If you think 3-year-olds are busy, inquisitive, and fun, Oh! 4-year-olds are all that time’s 10… Lively, energetic, and sociable!

Fire Truck  Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes - My friend & Her daughter

Spraying water - fire truck

LOUD TOYS: On a different, why do manufacturers make toys’ volume so obnoxiously loud? I need ear plugs for

some things… somebody suggested putting clear tape over the speaker, Will need to drag myself to find that tape.

Happy Birthday my baby, you changed my world 4 years ago – God bless you!

For Becoming Better Parents

February 16, 2011

by Charles R. Swindoll

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

—Ephesians 6:4

Thank You, Father, for being the perfect Parent. Thank You for those times that You’ve taken us to task, though the reproof sometimes seemed more than we could bear. Encourage us with the truth that whoever the Lord loves He reproves, even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights. Forgive us, our Father, for our prodigal ways, for our selfish desires and self-willed decisions. Forgive us for our pride in wanting to look like winners as fathers and mothers when the truth is we have failed at every point.

Help us to be real with our children—authentic, loving, forgiving, firm when we have to be, strong when we need to be, gentle at all times. Help us, Lord. Help us with our grandchildren, to be there for them when they need us to be supportive and affirming of their parents, to be a part of the answer rather than a part of the problem. Enable us to come to terms with things that weren’t dealt with in our own lives so that we don’t pass them on to these precious, innocent children who follow us.

Lord, we give You thanks for the genius of the family. It’s all Your idea. We pray we’ll have very sensitive hearts as we grow in these areas of nurturing and discovery.

In the dear name of Christ. Amen.

See also Deuteronomy 6:6-7; Proverbs 3:12; 22:6; Colossians 3:21; Hebrews 12:9-11.

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