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Home: Laughter and Friends

Yesterday we had a play group here– was in the middle of painting and painting but I needed my friends to come-over and laugh! – after they left, all I could think of is this posting below which is I am not the original owner! The state of my home doesn’t matter, cans of paint everywhere.. – its the conversations that take place in here that mattered!  right?

Meaning in our Homes

25 Facts About Me….

Just settling back, after our 13 week trip to Kenya…sigh, still missing Kenya but glad i am back home….I have tried to catch up with my blogs, doctors, friends, house work etc.

Today hoping over at A Day in Mollywood   and Brandy to join the – ‘25 random facts’ blog

  1. I truly believe ” I can do everything thro Christ who gives me strength”
  2. I really think  I have way too many hobbies…
  3. …enough energy to power a train :)- deadly fear of doing nothing! and also more people with whom I speak, the better I feel
  4. I am a social bug ! I love meeting new people, young and old, different, alike… I just love people period!
  5. Went to boarding school at the age of 6
  6. Was in boarding school for 12 year… first grade thro high school
  7. I love parties… Attending and throwing! _ but I am not a party animal… mmm
  8. I love stories… listening and sharing; people’s journey, joys, walks, struggles childhood stories — my mom used to call me “ambaka
  9. I can’t sing but hellooo I can dance (I think I can dance… does that count?)
  10. My husband and I grew up in 2 different continents (Africa & America) but our childhood mirror each other…Proof you could be different but alike.
  11. Love traveling with my husband and kids… always stressful with whiney kids but looking back  those are the best memories
  12. I love taking pictures – way too many pictures, I annoy the hubby and kids
  13. I dream of homeschooling so we can get up and travel anytime I feel like but I know we would just sit at the pool and play at the park all day – It’s not my thing to teach kids basically.
  14. My husband and I, our goal  is to visit and even better live in all the worlds continents  how many  more to go?—I better hurry
  15. Honestly, there are a gazillion ways that I suck at being a mother/wife. But there is one way that tells me I’m a the greatest one:  I love my husband and kids with everything inside of me
  16. I bite my nails :)-
  17. Just a couple more years here and I would have spent half my life in Africa and Half in the USA… I will throw a party note to # 6
  18. Dual citizen (Kenyan-American) but I have never voted for a president??…
  19. You know if you ask me again tomorrow, I would have a different list… I change my mind about stuff as quick as I make my up my mind
  20. I don’t think I can ever forget how painful labor was… secretly envy those who do/did
  21. Things you can’t say – I never fall in love with my kiddos at 1st sight – but later when all the blood and yucky stuff has been washed off… then I am now in love!
  22. This is getting scary… reveling too much. What If I run for president some day?
  23. I think I am hypochondriac if I spend more than 5 minutes on WebMD I have to call my doctor… I somehow start developing the symptoms
  24. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power!
  25. #25 I am glad you are here! last I can fall asleep anywhere… even standing :)-

Letting Go that Baggage!

I am not one of those people who use a different bag everyday to match their outfit or shoes! I am just not that organized anymore. I have two little kids and a business to run (In layman terms a home) and very many wild days in my week. I am fortunate if I can get out of the door without forgetting a blankie or wipes or a snack bag or something of that sought. So for that reason I love to use the same bag, so I can just restock and stuff it up with all ‘our ’essentials (junk). Searching for my car keys or lip gloss from this bag is a big project, stuff just keeps coming out. Oh and at the store, you don’t want to wait in line behind me… Yes, I am one of those people who hold up the line to rummage through my enormous handbag (I bring enough stuff for myself and my kiddos to live on for a week).

So last week I saw another one of those studies that women’s purses are now weighing as much as thirteen pounds! It claims women are now lugging more than a healthy weight for their backs and shoulders around. Experts say the ideal bag should weigh two pounds total (are they dreaming!). They want women to let go those heavy purses. Mine is around seven pounds.

How much does your purse/bag/baggage weigh?


What really wears me out is the constant mom’s competition about everything and anything. There is always this mom who has the kiddos who started walking at 6 months or kiddos who can multiple, subtract at 15 months. How about the mother who tries and guilt others into the epidural vs. natural; C-section vs. natural birth; breast feeding vs. formula; staying home vs. working contest?

I really do understand that most of the times we don’t even realize we are doing it. We are all human and so we love to speak about ourselves and share every detail of what’s going on in our and children lives.  Which is what friendship and parenthood is all about anyway! I have come to understand that we need to listen more and try to not to show off about things that might be sensitive to other mother or friends.

I also keep in mind that, we us mothers always long for confirmation that we’re doing things correctly. So when we decide to make different choices from our friends or other mothers, it is natural to support our own style. We have to acknowledge that there is more than one way to be a superior parent! (I believe)

I feel like parenthood as it is has created a sense of vulnerability and we should all be in one team! We should keep supporting each other’s strengths and dwell less on weaknesses. We will sit down days, years or even decades later and look back at the time and moments we lost. When things we thought mattered won’t count any more (which way your baby arrived into this earth, how much they weighed at 2 months) – and realize that our imperfect lives were just beautiful. I am thankful to God and I embrace my imperfect life, and I now know that love is all that matters!

 How do you deal with the bragging, or what advise can you give?

True Friendship…

True friends are forever!  My best friend is a man (my husband) I met just over 6 years ago, he knows all about me but is still in love with me. My friends are like a pillar of support to me. You know, I am one of those blessed girls, I have the sweetest friends! I have been honored to stand next to them and witness them take their vows and they have done the same to me.  We have seen each other through this parenting journey…. our crazy pregnancy dreams (our babies born as tadpole or a fish), and our starving in labor stories, food cravings and our fears.

Even though Life has taken many turns and we have been separated by states, cities, countries and even continents but each time we talk we pick up where we left off, laughing our hearts out.  Supporting each other with our ambitions and dreams –and no belittling even when our ideas sound extreme. (like having wolves & vampires as a secret crushes).

So I comprehend the fact that not all friendships are meant to last forever. This is something I’ve been reminding myself over and over especially as an adult. I’m still learning how to choose friends wisely. That might be a little embarrassing knowing I should be an expert at this ~ with all the good friends I have. Sometimes I still depend on the wrong people. Sometimes I have misinformed myself about how close I actually am to a person. None the less, my true friends have been such an amazing gift to me!

Have you ever picked a wrong friend? Do you have friends that you cherish?  …. do share.

Broken Resolutions!

I am always amazed that the year is gone. When I hear New Year I think resolution time! So I tossed this resolutions thing out of the window so many years ago and I don’t regret it a bit. Less stress, less to do, and more room wiggle. Especially with my two sweet, adorable but busy kids, I can’t seem to stick to simple things anymore. Like making them eat their fruits and vegetables! Oh and when the unpredictable crappy weather sucks my motivation? You know I’m all for simple realistic goals and progress. Furthermore January’s just not a “real” enough reason for me to start doing stuff different. Also I hate dragging my unfinished business to the New Year… but I found an article by Michael Hyatt (michaelhyatt.com) on strategies you may need to employ to making your resolution stick for those of you who are organized, motivated enough to make resolution.

1. Keep them few in number

2. Make them “smart.” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound)

3. Write them down.

4. Go public

So one of my goals (for the 4th year) is to only spend the time “free time” allotted to me in a positive way and  to regard disruptions or anger or needy people seeking attention as part of God’s design on my day. I can’t say I’ve accomplished it yet in the past years, but I’m consciously trying. This is the only life I have, and I want to live it fully and with passion, building into the relationships I have and pouring myself into the work I have to do….. And that’s the beauty of it all is that God’s Grace covers me when I slip-up.

So go public, share your resolution…

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