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Home: Laughter and Friends

Yesterday we had a play group here– was in the middle of painting and painting but I needed my friends to come-over and laugh! – after they left, all I could think of is this posting below which is I am not the original owner! The state of my home doesn’t matter, cans of paint everywhere.. – its the conversations that take place in here that mattered!  right?

Meaning in our Homes

Goals and expectations anyone?

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 9.56.54 AM

Happy Mothers Day 2013

Today I celebrate my Mother and  my grandmother (the only living one) and my 3 little ones who have made me a mommy. We all know she ( mama) is our role model and hero — Married at 19 yrs and  with no post secondary school education but  built a business empire! Giving us one thing she didn’t get decent education – we went to private schools, and universities to achieve our dreams!  – we say without blinking  that she is our role model.  To some think it’s cliche, but to us it’s a fact.  we love and miss you mama – RIP


Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.17.47 AM

How true!

Happy Mothers day to all mom out there…



My friend Esther O. in Kenya sent this words today– how powerful!

When a bird is alive it eats ants, yet when it dies, the ants eat it. Circumstances can change at any time and the tables usually turn over a period of time. Do not oppress, despise, or hurt anyone during your lifetime. You may be powerful today, but remember, time is more powerful than you. Just like one tree makes a million match sticks, yet when the time comes, only a single match stick is needed to burn a million trees.” ~ The Sacred Path of Love


Parenting the 2nd time …

What a great day to blog and read blogs. I took time off to do some blog and social media marketing and consultation. So my really good friend called me very early in the morning: Excited she said, “We expecting baby # 3, it’s a surprise, but what can I expect?” congrats I said … am really super excited for her since she is one of those great parents!That is a hard and easy question… each kid is different and each time you add another that means one more mouth to feed, one more person to potty train, one more person to dress up etc…

ImageBut I think I am much wiser with number 2 or 3 than number 1…A better parent I am or I tend to believe. Experiences grow us and they change us and allow us to realize what’s important and what’s not. It’s like I was on a test run but not I am parenting.

# I learned that little ones require time and attention!

# More laid back

# I cuddled more since I realized how in a few months they will wiggle out of your arms

# I lay off the parenting books and just parented my style

# Nursing her was enjoyable at number 3 than number 1 since I knew how much time will fly and this will be over too

# Less stress out on feeding her– I knew this is just cycle

# Less anxious over germs getting into everything – but enjoyed each moment

# I focus on the joys and not the work involved

I just feel I’m more comfortable with myself and not prove myself…this is who God made me to be.

 So parents do you parent differently with you 1, 2, 3 etc… in what ways? … Please share.

Kenya 2012 Part II

So I posted pictures of our 1st part of the trip here   and Mark made a video you can view it here.. After Mark left I had moments of ‘ticket change remorse’ but I knew I had a few business to take care of here ( so I consoled myself)  I missed Mark..The kids missed him sooo much.

*** May I just brag that Joey has a cuteee ( not biased at all) Kenyan accent! He speaks lots of swahili in sentences… proud mama!****

Okay here is a treat to Kenyan sunset:)-

Mara sunset

Sarah is attempting to walk to keep up with the big cousins.

Stepping it up :)-

Eat, Laugh & Wow..its been years! These girls I have known since 1st grade!

April is here, my baby Joey turned 5! A day at luna park and then a day  of eating cake Yum…- Happy 5th birthday Joey and God bless you.

Joey, Hannah and Cousin T

Kisses for birthday boy

more kisses for birthday boy

Best Friends (Cousins)

Ahhh the cake!

The cake!

Alright,  9 days later guess who turns one ! My Sweet Sarah is one…. where did time go? Happy Birthday Sarah we love you so much and God bless you sweet girl…

Birthday girl and digestive biscuits

Birthday Girl

Kenyan yummy food

The party is on….

After all the April sugar.. we spent time visiting with family & friends.

Cousin Marion – Love you girl


Aunt Millie & Family ( Reminds me so much of my mom… always loving and giving)

Took a bus to go see my other Aunt Grace — so warm, welcoming and abundant love! She lives out in the country running a library and farming.

buying vegetables on our way

Random young boys heading to the river to get some water…

Random..beautiful young girl walk back from school

Aunt Grace on the far right -- these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)

Aunt Grace on the far right — these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)


Okay — so Hannah got sick, scare! she gets fibril seizures anytime her  temperatures rises real fast. So she did gets one of those and I was not HOME, I was 30 miles away and in Nairobi traffic that translates to (2hrs away)! I still shake up typing this… — Well  lets all just pray for her to outgrow it. Doc said around 5-6year Yikes. Seems so far!

My sick baby –

Its getting close just a 3 weeks to go! I am already feeling rushed again….

My fishes.. Harriet & Joey

Finally Sarah in the pool

Finally Sarah in the pool

Hannah loved carrying her baby on her back…just like all us African mamas

Baby on my back….



Chapati just test better in the laundry basket

Chapati just test better in the laundry basket


Then the tradition –family picture time came. Off course typical of “some” of us, it had to be a last minute project. Getting everyone together was hard ( yes) — considering Kenya is smaller than Colorado and Nairobi is probable the size of Castle rock (maybe not).  We picked a date and time –but again… only 1 person on time…most of us were late some 1 hour late, some 2, 4 hours and some forgot all together.. cutting this story short.. here is the family 5 out of 6! I love you all… laughing at how the pics turned out :)- OR maybe that I am the one who was super LATE:)-

my siblings 5 out of 6

Well well.. we left Kenya on May 2nd.. I mean it, everybody took us to the airport..a fleet! felt special, I cried leaving. The kids slept in flight since we were traveling at their regular sleep times– the layover was still the hardest!  Entertaining them for 10 hours nonstop took a toll on my body and brain…  but we were so glad to be back! Thanks to Mark for letting us take so much time away ( we missed you so much)

Thank you friends and family for all the prayers and sweet emails, calls and texts!!

So happy to see daddy!

Glad to be home…praise God for the wonderful trip!

***Okay I said I would not whine about it anymore but whatever!  so the airport officer ( what are they called?) threw away my Kenyan beef spices Roiko at the point of entry ( I choose not to dwell on that today)  but I had to whine a little more again today — I cried wept!!…

FUN …..here are a few random pics why I LOVE AFRICA …  just for laughs from all over ( and Africa, this is why i live here)  enjoy and laugh… “…Yes every 60 seconds life does happen in Africa!”

Importance of play

Yes – keep playing

need ride? ( boderline walk)

Do you need ride ? ( borderline walk)

goat ride...

goat ride…

well worn

well worn

hanging out….

Think twice before littering

Stopping car theft

Stopping car theft ( NOTE: I didn’t experience this…)

I love the singular use….

24 hours? --- African time it means!... "Stacia don't laugh"

24 hours? — African time it means!… “Stacia don’t laugh”




..and if you are in PETA that chicken is totally fine.. African chicken know how to relax!

Chicken having his tea

Chicken having his tea

Cows crossing… I love Africa!

TV cafe … like movie theaters. just pay to watch

Tell me - don't you love Africa?

Tell me – don’t you love Africa?

Enjoyment of the English language) ...

Enjoyment of the English language) …

Okay… enough.. Thank you all again! you thankful for everything in this life!



25 Facts About Me….

Just settling back, after our 13 week trip to Kenya…sigh, still missing Kenya but glad i am back home….I have tried to catch up with my blogs, doctors, friends, house work etc.

Today hoping over at A Day in Mollywood   and Brandy to join the – ‘25 random facts’ blog

  1. I truly believe ” I can do everything thro Christ who gives me strength”
  2. I really think  I have way too many hobbies…
  3. …enough energy to power a train :)- deadly fear of doing nothing! and also more people with whom I speak, the better I feel
  4. I am a social bug ! I love meeting new people, young and old, different, alike… I just love people period!
  5. Went to boarding school at the age of 6
  6. Was in boarding school for 12 year… first grade thro high school
  7. I love parties… Attending and throwing! _ but I am not a party animal… mmm
  8. I love stories… listening and sharing; people’s journey, joys, walks, struggles childhood stories — my mom used to call me “ambaka
  9. I can’t sing but hellooo I can dance (I think I can dance… does that count?)
  10. My husband and I grew up in 2 different continents (Africa & America) but our childhood mirror each other…Proof you could be different but alike.
  11. Love traveling with my husband and kids… always stressful with whiney kids but looking back  those are the best memories
  12. I love taking pictures – way too many pictures, I annoy the hubby and kids
  13. I dream of homeschooling so we can get up and travel anytime I feel like but I know we would just sit at the pool and play at the park all day – It’s not my thing to teach kids basically.
  14. My husband and I, our goal  is to visit and even better live in all the worlds continents  how many  more to go?—I better hurry
  15. Honestly, there are a gazillion ways that I suck at being a mother/wife. But there is one way that tells me I’m a the greatest one:  I love my husband and kids with everything inside of me
  16. I bite my nails :)-
  17. Just a couple more years here and I would have spent half my life in Africa and Half in the USA… I will throw a party note to # 6
  18. Dual citizen (Kenyan-American) but I have never voted for a president??…
  19. You know if you ask me again tomorrow, I would have a different list… I change my mind about stuff as quick as I make my up my mind
  20. I don’t think I can ever forget how painful labor was… secretly envy those who do/did
  21. Things you can’t say – I never fall in love with my kiddos at 1st sight – but later when all the blood and yucky stuff has been washed off… then I am now in love!
  22. This is getting scary… reveling too much. What If I run for president some day?
  23. I think I am hypochondriac if I spend more than 5 minutes on WebMD I have to call my doctor… I somehow start developing the symptoms
  24. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power!
  25. #25 I am glad you are here! last I can fall asleep anywhere… even standing :)-

Happy Mother day – 2012

Happy Mother day - 2012

Just received this today and I thought it was a wonderful reminder.




So some friends have quit! Ohh, Yes leaving face book!  It kind of makes me sad…   I joined FB in 2006 so I am an oldie here! I have reconnected with every lost friend; laughed at every joke, found good pediatricians, recipe etc…?  I would still miss the photos of the weddings I missed, how big and cute my friends  and families kids are getting, as well as pictures of new places to visit and things to do, projects for the kids, recipe and parties to throw!

I have contemplated quitting; I totally agree it has many negatives and many positives! The FB thrill is dying off…its one of those ‘places’ that you love but could be annoying, irritating at the same time. Yes, it could be a time waster; it could stir jealously or used to outdo one another if wrongly used.  You just have to make the best out of it…

positives: I live gazillion miles from my original home (Kenya) and have people from all over the world; so I use it to stay in touch with my them; reconnecting with lost ones…. I feel like I am part of their lives somehow.  I still like talking on the phone and meeting for coffee/wine… Actually some of my very good friends, we don’t even communicate thro FB, we talk on the phone or skype.

Positive: The good laughs… I have a lot of funny friends … The cheers and smiles.. uplifting and prayers…

Positive: Encouragements…It doesn’t bother me that friends put only their best faces and NOT dwelling on their hardships or negatives…life is hard, not perfect.  But why dwell on the hard stuff? its uplifting!

Maryellen ( blogging friend) gave me this verse:  “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:7-9

Positive: I can spy on the little ones and my baby sitters and know what is going on in their lives and text their moms if they are off line :)- ( don’t unfriend me my Little ones, I really love you)

Positive: Status updates ~ oh yah, once in a while I am dying to know how the cake you baked turned out… or whats for dinner… or what your cat  is doing – many important stuff  to know ( yaap! cheap thrills – don’t judge me)

Negative:  it does allow me to be so lazy on checking on people! But I’m sure the same thing, could have been said about people who instantly used the telephone when it was invented instead of traveling to visit.

Negative: The stalkers – I know people who check their face book like 3-4 or 10 times a day, they know what is going on but never say anything… no congratulations, no condolences, no compliments, no comments, no updates.. Just pure stalkers ‘peeping Toms”… those scare me!

Negative: Friendships~ Okay, here you go, have you ever had someone ask you to be their friend and when you meet at the store or church they  act like they have never seen you? I am still shaking my head in disbelief 

Negative: Status ~ the mysterious, suspenseful  “It’s going down….” Really what is…? now I have to stalk your status for 20 days to find out what was Ugh! Oh the self promotions – Enough said…

Negative: when you check me into places –well, some days I want to act like I was home “busy” scrubbing the floors and polishing the windows and not having fun somewhere ok! “kidding lol”

Negative: Brags /insensitive/rude people ~ I am glad I don’t have any friends who brag or insensitive  if I had them…any chances are they have been   unfriended already or hidden or something!

Then I think, why put so much thought into this!  The people, who like to connect in person, will continue to do so and those who love online will to the same. As long as people are CONNECTING…….that’s the important thing… right? I know people who when you call them — they respond back with an email… and some people you send them an email and they call you back — so some people are just online communicators .

I know of  the Facebook snobs too– people who have never had an account on Facebook but know 1 million things that are so bad about it and always telling me what is going one over there! anyway Just join it! I know they are missing out on these good laughs!

So my friends what do you LOVE or NOT love about Face book? Do you believe everyone gets what they want to get out of Facebook?

Truth be told.. I am also guilty of some of these negatives :)- How else can I tell the whole world how great I am?… for free? 

2012 – Goals

Okay I am 1 week late with my resolutions — “what is new you are always late 🙂-” my husbands fav quote

Anyway, I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting year 2012… I have exciting plans for my life with God, family, travel and friends.  We celebrated the first day of the year watching the Broncos (loss) game and eating good food at a friend’s house… Just so much fun and laughter!

So far exciting news my brother Poly and my sister in-law had a new baby girl on January 2nd 2012 (now do you see what I mean by an exciting year?) — I am a brand new Aunt! Then my very good friend got engaged in London, so an August wedding! We started the book of revelations last week… we are traveling to see family ~ many exciting things already right?

So, I never do resolutions – do you remember this post, broken resolutions? We just do goals and then at the end of the year just check what goals we met and carry over the unmet goals… I must admit “I” carry over lots of things each year… Plans just change by the minute in this life of mine!! the one goal i keep carrying over and consciously trying to achieve is to only spend the time “free time” allotted to me in a positive way and  to regard disruptions or anger or needy-ness from my surrounding as  part of God’s design on my day…. remembering this verse ~ Philippians 2:14

Hope everyone had a great 2011 with awesome moments despite the up & downs we all go thru’ in life. I wish you a Happy New Year to you and many more of God’s blessings in 2012.

Tthis is my favorite song and I trying to live by its words  taunet nelel by Emmy Kosgei ( i’ts a new dawn).


True words to live by  “It’s a new dawn-It’s a new direction- no turning back! I am doing new things; don’t let the past discourage you…”

Any resolutions for your friends… Please share.

Christmas ~ Celebrating diffrence

During the Christmas season its hard to visit places like Facebook and the blogging world to read the ugly+ negative status on what things people are doing wrong and how ‘we/they’ are doing it right. It’s sad that we get dreadful on the different preferences especially the things not defined in the Bible but the matters of conscience  that sincere followers of Christ will come to different conclusions… (Santa or Not – Gifts or Not – Christmas Decor or Not – Trees or Not, Ginger bread Houses or Not, Christmas letters or Not, extravagant or frugal)

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

The decisions one family makes are not necessarily right or wrong for another family – Maybe we need to remember that Gods plan for each family maybe different.  Let’s each make decisions for our own family as the Spirit leads us to, and stop casting judgment where it is not our place. Also let’s remember the one whom we serve and extend Grace in our differences! Maybe trust that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives and hearts of fellow Christians to convict  them (if need be) and we are not the jury!…

Each year his birth  means something different to each family, Christmases shift and change ~ You know sometimes Christmas makes me cry, missing my parents who passed away~ how can this day be the same?  but sometimes it makes me so so happy thinking the savior is born!   – God kept HIS promise!!!

So, lets not make others feel guilty or pridefully judge them on how they want to celebrate, frugal or extravagant , simple or beautiful,  tree or none, Santa or not;  just celebrate, Jesus is born!  HE is definitely the center of the celebration! The long-awaited  promise! Invite the neighbors, friends, family, eat, bake and  rejoice in all that he gives us!

We try to teach our kids to handle it this way; not to judge  or fight any practices around this time ( christian vs. christian wars)  and I really pray they appreciate Jesus .  So far we are just trying to build our own traditions, we do small gifts for the kids and don’t do Santa – but we aren’t judging anybody on what they are deciding…we are christian, let’s celebrate this day and not fight  our difference or convictions.. Christ will always remain the focus/center of this day, nobody can or should change that!!! – So don’t let anybody’s, post, blog make you feel guilty to party away.. Rejoice  Savior is born!

Joy to the World! The Lord is come Let earth receive her King Let every heart prepare Him room and heaven and nature sing!  Merry Christmas my friends!!

Do you have any Christmas family tradition that you practice with your family? Do you sometimes feel guilty celebrating in a certain way? 

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

                                                                                                                                   Luke 2:11


O.k I joined Pinterest… Many months ago… and I’m so obsessed, so much that I may need a Pintervention…well nah!   It’s like window shopping for all my interests at once! Anyway, it keeps my creativity pumping! It’s got me hooked or being creative and cooking new easy yummy stuff – …I have started painting again….and redecorating uh love it!

Pinned ImageMy neighbor Stacey  is hosting cookie exchange Christmas party on Tuesday and I am just excited browsing and pinning cookie recipes… Then, my friend Brandy is also hosting a girls movie night and I am  baking cookies… then on Saturday Morning, I am hosting a Christmas brunch  and I think my jeans are going to scream! I have found the BEST breakfast recipes ever! I cannot wait! Will post pictures– on Pintrest off course

I sit on the couch and pin for hours and feel like I am creative again – fun!

Pinned Image

Happy pinning friends!

Family Pictures

I am one of those people who love pictures. I treasure those memories in pictures but sometimes it could be very stressful!  My kids are squirmy! If you read my thankful list,  my camera features there!!! So my friend Wendy was very nice to take our fall pictures. My other friend Angie before launching her business used to take our pictures.  These are  friends  not only whose work I  like, but ones who makes my kids feel at ease and has fun with them so they  naturally smile and laugh.

I do love the outdoors photography, the natural light but am not anti studio – I love the studio look with  clean solid color background and props for the  kids.We love it when a  professional photographer takes our pictures too, but my kids sometimes are not in the mood :)- This time around I used some bribes — lollipop! I tell you it worked, we got some really nice one.. my wall and frames are  waiting!!!

See the lollipop?

A good one of the 3 kids

All smiles

Love the natural light outside

I will post the rest on a private album on Facebook –

So what is your strategy in keeping the kids still when you take family pictures?

30 Days of Being Thankful Challenge

So I decided to join the challenge but with the holiday craziness I didn’t keep up ….I am so late on this since Thanksgiving was last week… but better late right? So I am thankful for…. Day#

  1. Jesus my Saviors
  2. A wonderful husband who loves me!
  3. My three healthy Kids

4 . My husband’s job especially in this economy mess

5. A place we call home (our house)

6. New babies ~ I am an aunt again… welcome baby Nicole ~ congrats to my baby sister.

7. Giggles, Hugs  and Kisses joy and pure beauty

8. My wonderful Families – (siblings, my aunts & uncles, cousins, In laws, grandparents) – what would I be without you?

My Family - Kenya

My Family - Kenya

9. My friends who encourage, understand and support me and make me laugh

10. Friends who I don’t get to talk to often enough but are always there for me/us

11. My wonderful neighbors; letting me borrow an egg at  odd hours– all the good laughs, help, coffee, wine, nights out.

12. My camera – Last year alone I took over 2,000 pictures

13. My cell phone

14. Skype – talking to my friends and family in Kenya

Niagara Falls 2011

Niagara Falls 2011

15. Traveling & Vacations

16. Our wonderful baby sitters

17. Date nights with hubby

18. Girls nights out/ good wine / dessert

19. Good music/songs/books/ Movies

20. Sunny days and outdoors

21. Lazy, relaxing days

22. Good food

Yummy Kenyan food

Yummy Kenyan food

23. Having to verify I am still human on a computer and passing the verification test

24. This life that I have been given

25. Missionaries ~ Keep spreading HIS word

26. My Grandparents and Great Grandparents – They built the foundation of what a good family should be and why my family is so important to me.

My Grandma

My Grandma

27. Spray paint

28. Funny Facebook friends / funny Status and funny comments

29. Dual citizenship

30. Fellowship with the women ~ it is energizing, refreshing and rejuvenating

Above all things, I am thankful for an amazing Creator and HIS Grace & Mercy

What would be of us if we did not have His GRACE!!!

What are you thankful for? … join the challenge

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Overprotective mama?

So have you been following the Penn State scandal? It’s pretty graphic!  I know I can be an overprotective mama sometimes but stuff like this doesn’t make it any better. Particularly when all you want is to always assure them that God will protect them. We always read to the kids these verses when we have to leave to go out on a date or appointments and they are crying scared (I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous Josh. 1:5-6 🙂 and I also like The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8

My son is almost 5 and my dream was always to start in early on community building and volunteering/charity activities but after reading and listening to the Penn State shame that has gone on – I just decided to put on my “over protective” mom hat on again.. Sigh! As a mother to a little boy, my thoughts and prayers to those little boys who looked up to Sandusky trusting him, they were so defenseless.

So my question is; at what age are they are old enough for you to begin to talk about pedophiles to them? 

Love ~ Fall Season..

It’s the fall season! I just “FALL in love with the FALL season…. I don’t know, is it because of the trees turning into colorful shades of yellow, gold, orange and red OR the cool and crisp weather, Maybe the comfort food and Hot chocolate, OR maybe the thought of Christmas around the corner? I don’t take it for granted… Winter, spring, summer and fall, yes, I kind of love them all. I grew up in part of the world that did not have seasons, well we only had 3 seasons: rainy, cool and hot in Kenya… my husband would disagree and say there are 2 kinds of seasons in Nairobi, very hot and hotter.Anyway, whatever the reason I am in love with fall — all I know is I love it!

#1. Sweets and hot drinks like chai or hot chocolate just taste better –recipe from Frugal girls.. on my list…

#2. Watching the changing colors of the leaves.

Fall colors Reflected fall colors on North Fork of Tred Avon River, near Easton MD. Chesapeake Bay,Choptank,tributary,season

#3. CROCK POT and Soups ~ Between all of our busy schedules, shortcuts, planning & organizations an CROCK POT meals are key in my house!

#4. The thought that I can wear a sweatshirt and flip flops together, I love!.

#5.  All of the fun fall festivals

#6. .…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin – Bread, soups and muffins, rolls, and bread

#7. Christmas _ just around the corner

#8. New TV seasons and school is starting up

#9. coats, boots, tights, scarves, you name it.

#10. Thanksgiving with family

New Hobbies

You know what…I have finally diagnosed myself as having Hobby ADD…. I am constantly bouncing from hobby to another hobby – sometimes that is totally fine. .. But some days NOT… it can get pretty expensive! —anyway I like to think of myself the “Jack of all trades, and the master of  zero” – experimenting & learning with stuff.. YES that is what I do best!

So last year I was into Outdoor stuff – hiking, biking with my husband, camping with the family, skiing, rafting you know… ohh also knitting, I did one tiny piece and that was it!

Previous years I was super into scrap booking  my 2 kids books done – one to go! canning – yummy salsa, and reading random fiction and non-fiction books, blogging

Currently I am into sewing… sewing silly stuff – sounds wasteful but super fun, Painting, Spray paint… Yes painting everything using that can, antique scavenger and then ruining them with my silly spray paint… redecorating, new receipies and many more hobbies yet to come…. Stay tune:)-

however, Some of my permanent hobbies — my babies, my family, my girl friends, a cup of starbucks Carmel  frap, good movies, a good book,  travelling with my hubby ~ these never get old!


I think having hobbies should also be counted as one of my hobbies LOL

Today ~ Murphy’s Law

Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

So this sums up the past 24 hours … sick kids, no sleep, car not starting, and crappy weather. Oh yes, Murphy sums it up, If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then. ‘Rain + sick kids+ no car + walking to pick up from school = … …need I continue?  ‘You never run out of things that can go wrong…’ Murphy

on a sweeter note.. The sweet smell of first rain of the fall is the most refreshing thing in this world! oh but wait….

         Smile… tomorrow will be worse… ‘Murphy’

…. A tribute to my beautiful mama

So fresh, I still remember on that Saturday September 11th six years ago when I got the phone call that my mom was gone!  My sister said, ” Nancy mom is gone…” I answered … gone where? and then about 5 seconds later it sank in… YES, she was gone, she had passed!

In my arms I held you tight
Through the hardest part of life
In my heart the memories clear
Of the greatest mum I love so dear
I held you so close to my heart
Praying that we’ll never part
But angels came and took you away
And a tear I shed for your everyday
Now a shining lit up star
My mum will watch from up far
In all the pain I’m going through
Just remember,
I’m here with you & still love you.

RIP until we meet again……

My Garage Sale!

Yep, that is right… this past weekend I had my first garage sale… The sale was overflowing most of the day – yep, It was a great sale, money-wise! Thanks to the help from my friends, who came to watch and feed the kids! But by the 2nd day I felt like I’d run away screaming for sure!

You know, I learned that having a garage sale was way of larger job than I thought. Dealing with the chore of moving boxes and bags from everywhere; cleaning, sorting, pricing, and getting the word out and then the BIG day!

So these were my experiences, you meet some interesting people, some normal some nutty! I tell you garage sale is like a cult to some people ( professional). So then there was a creepy man who didn’t remove his sunglasses but walked straight into my  garage and started looking around in my boxes, do you know it’s kind of violating my privacy. Oh then those ‘incredible’ hagglers, who want to talk you to discount a .25cents for my daughters naked doll (yes, I priced to sell) – really to what now? 10.cents? Oh well, on a bright side, I am smiling to the bank counting my dollars, a couple hundred dollars! A cleaner house and an empty garage (almost), even though I still have tons of sentimental stuff that I just can’t seem to part with.  Oh …I must say that I might have some business blood in me because I actually enjoyed sitting in the sun and chatting to the shoppers. This grandma told me women are lazy these days– just like her pregnant granddaughter, they (we) gain more than 10 pounds while pregnant and cry for epidural while having those big babies oh yes, she didn’t even know that was me 4 months ago, sweet!… I didn’t want to say a word since she was piling up on stuff – I needed that $

So, next time I will play some soft music in the background to give my sale some ambience… fun!

                                             Any weird or great  experiences buying or selling

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