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25 Facts About Me….

Just settling back, after our 13 week trip to Kenya…sigh, still missing Kenya but glad i am back home….I have tried to catch up with my blogs, doctors, friends, house work etc.

Today hoping over at A Day in Mollywood   and Brandy to join the – ‘25 random facts’ blog

  1. I truly believe ” I can do everything thro Christ who gives me strength”
  2. I really think  I have way too many hobbies…
  3. …enough energy to power a train :)- deadly fear of doing nothing! and also more people with whom I speak, the better I feel
  4. I am a social bug ! I love meeting new people, young and old, different, alike… I just love people period!
  5. Went to boarding school at the age of 6
  6. Was in boarding school for 12 year… first grade thro high school
  7. I love parties… Attending and throwing! _ but I am not a party animal… mmm
  8. I love stories… listening and sharing; people’s journey, joys, walks, struggles childhood stories — my mom used to call me “ambaka
  9. I can’t sing but hellooo I can dance (I think I can dance… does that count?)
  10. My husband and I grew up in 2 different continents (Africa & America) but our childhood mirror each other…Proof you could be different but alike.
  11. Love traveling with my husband and kids… always stressful with whiney kids but looking back  those are the best memories
  12. I love taking pictures – way too many pictures, I annoy the hubby and kids
  13. I dream of homeschooling so we can get up and travel anytime I feel like but I know we would just sit at the pool and play at the park all day – It’s not my thing to teach kids basically.
  14. My husband and I, our goal  is to visit and even better live in all the worlds continents  how many  more to go?—I better hurry
  15. Honestly, there are a gazillion ways that I suck at being a mother/wife. But there is one way that tells me I’m a the greatest one:  I love my husband and kids with everything inside of me
  16. I bite my nails :)-
  17. Just a couple more years here and I would have spent half my life in Africa and Half in the USA… I will throw a party note to # 6
  18. Dual citizen (Kenyan-American) but I have never voted for a president??…
  19. You know if you ask me again tomorrow, I would have a different list… I change my mind about stuff as quick as I make my up my mind
  20. I don’t think I can ever forget how painful labor was… secretly envy those who do/did
  21. Things you can’t say – I never fall in love with my kiddos at 1st sight – but later when all the blood and yucky stuff has been washed off… then I am now in love!
  22. This is getting scary… reveling too much. What If I run for president some day?
  23. I think I am hypochondriac if I spend more than 5 minutes on WebMD I have to call my doctor… I somehow start developing the symptoms
  24. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power!
  25. #25 I am glad you are here! last I can fall asleep anywhere… even standing :)-

Kenya 2012 – Part I

The Flight: So I left Denver at 6 PM with 3 kids under 4 on a 24 hour flight/ trip to Nairobi. I must say it went OK ( not that i expected anything better…) They fell asleep in-flight at 9PM Denver time and voila! we arrived  Heathrow London ( I don’t like this airport at all…) at 3 AM Denver time… We had to switch aiports, with 3 kids and a carry on and a backpack – some nice, handsome pilots helped me on the train and then I was by myself  for a 45 mins bus ride and check in ( Oh I don’t like this airport)….This is when trouble began.. how do you entertain your kids at an airport for 9 hours layover at this odd time of the day.night? … my mother in law had sent me a care in flight package with an energy shot in it.. so that was helpful.   I had a color book and stickers from Mel which kept them busy for awhile, then Clair gave me calm homeopathic tablets and this helped calm down everyone eventually– after 7 hours of STOP IT! QUIT THAT… they fell asleep and 2 hours latter we boarded for Nairobi….they refused to fall asleep… They played around (aka noise) for 5 hours, made friends and just slept for the last 3 hour… Thank you for all your prayers, we made it to the city under the sun!

Baby Sarah sleeping

Nap at the airport

In flight fun

We arrived Kenya at 6 AM. Oh, I forgot to say, they accidentally checked in my double stroller in Denver all the way to Nairobi – remember I didn’t like London Airport? So we arrive to Nairobi and the stroller is missing… anyway, safe and sound we are ready to enjoy the  fresh air, family, Friends and the sun –

Here introducing my family…. I have 5 siblings, 4 In-laws, 8 nieces and nephews.. gazillion cousins, aunts and uncles – I love it!

Eldest sister Lilian

My siblings from left - Colin, Cliff, Awino and us

My youngest brother Cliff

My loving sister In-law Philly and bro Poly


Aunt Nancy

Left: My sister in Law Euphie, Brother In Law, My sister Awino, cousin Violet and us

My niece baby Sheryl passed away on February 15th may your soul rest in peace sweet girl. So thankful I got to meet you and hold you.

Kenya is the same, it feels like a vacation but its home.. East or west I guess home is home! … we were all ready to have fun.

snack time - chevra perhaps

Cooling off with Nicole


Slip and slide

Pool fun

New hair do - in progress...

Our nanny Triza

One of those a must photos at the animal orphanage

Hugs from cousin Violet

Awww... my BFF Joy & her family

Welcome Yummy Cake - Thank you Joy & Family

After the jet lag and a few weeks of resting in Nairobi, we decided to start on our road trips. Its time to go to Alego for some country life.  It was a quick 6 hour trip – after 24 hours in the plane everything seems quick anyway.

Arrived Alego

Shower time

Celebrating the harvest

Back on the road to Eldoret to see a good family friend Marianne and a beautiful drive thro nandi hills and the Kerio valley.   At this point you should think we are getting used to these long road trip but we still get cranky…just love showing off my birth country to my family.

Enjoying the view

The Kerio Valley

Girls -

The boys

week 4;  drove to Imbo to see my maternal grandma and cousins. My grandma is one kind woman, courageous, generous, loving, nurturing, Intelligent, funny, faithful, compassionate.. I could write a whole book on her…

Grandma Dearest

Fire is ready!



chai and Bread time....

More upcountry pictures…

Hardworking African mama

Herding the cows

Random beautiful kids

Swinging under the Mango tree

Drying our clothes

Chasing the goats

Two Akinyi's - I love these girls!

Fresh Water!

Maji baridi


Week six, we are back to Nairobi… resting and swimming. I signed up Joey for Swim lessons so we are just taking it easy, meeting up with more family & friends, a few business and ‘important stuff” here and there… 

Sarah getting so big

New baby - Friends from High School :)- love you girls!

Play station time

Our drive back to Nairobi

Swim classes

So week seven; My baby is here! Yes Mark got in safe – thank you again for all the prayers. Mark got in at 11PM after the kids were in bed , so in the morning, it was lots of screaming, hugs and kisses from the kids.


We took many trips around including going back to the village, he went back hills hiking…then to see my grandma again…

My kids want a bunny? these were $2 a piece

A monkey on our car... Africa!

View Point

Date night with childhood girlfriend Trixie and her husband Henry...

Date night with my friend Joy & her hubby Albert

Just taking it easy enjoying daddy and playing catch up. we took a trip to lake Nakuru National park.

We drove up to Kajiado to see our Compassion sponsor child Naiserian. Her beautiful laugh, smile just warmed our hearts. So thankful to God we can experience this rare opportunity with you – God bless you.

Visiting Naiserian, her brother and mom

Naiserian School


My Africa! cows and zebra grazing together....

Giraffes on the road - our drive home

Week 8 is here…. we are getting ready to fly back to America (never mind, we have decided to stay another 5 weeks)—-Its my birthday this week, a passion fruit cake was ordered :)- and saying goodbyes to my hubby dearest (tears….)

Family picture.....

Birthday cake

samosa time...

Well I am so thankful for all the support, prayers, emails, skype, text messages and phone calls – I miss you all my other friends and family in America and the world. God bless.



Christmas ~ Celebrating diffrence

During the Christmas season its hard to visit places like Facebook and the blogging world to read the ugly+ negative status on what things people are doing wrong and how ‘we/they’ are doing it right. It’s sad that we get dreadful on the different preferences especially the things not defined in the Bible but the matters of conscience  that sincere followers of Christ will come to different conclusions… (Santa or Not – Gifts or Not – Christmas Decor or Not – Trees or Not, Ginger bread Houses or Not, Christmas letters or Not, extravagant or frugal)

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

The decisions one family makes are not necessarily right or wrong for another family – Maybe we need to remember that Gods plan for each family maybe different.  Let’s each make decisions for our own family as the Spirit leads us to, and stop casting judgment where it is not our place. Also let’s remember the one whom we serve and extend Grace in our differences! Maybe trust that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives and hearts of fellow Christians to convict  them (if need be) and we are not the jury!…

Each year his birth  means something different to each family, Christmases shift and change ~ You know sometimes Christmas makes me cry, missing my parents who passed away~ how can this day be the same?  but sometimes it makes me so so happy thinking the savior is born!   – God kept HIS promise!!!

So, lets not make others feel guilty or pridefully judge them on how they want to celebrate, frugal or extravagant , simple or beautiful,  tree or none, Santa or not;  just celebrate, Jesus is born!  HE is definitely the center of the celebration! The long-awaited  promise! Invite the neighbors, friends, family, eat, bake and  rejoice in all that he gives us!

We try to teach our kids to handle it this way; not to judge  or fight any practices around this time ( christian vs. christian wars)  and I really pray they appreciate Jesus .  So far we are just trying to build our own traditions, we do small gifts for the kids and don’t do Santa – but we aren’t judging anybody on what they are deciding…we are christian, let’s celebrate this day and not fight  our difference or convictions.. Christ will always remain the focus/center of this day, nobody can or should change that!!! – So don’t let anybody’s, post, blog make you feel guilty to party away.. Rejoice  Savior is born!

Joy to the World! The Lord is come Let earth receive her King Let every heart prepare Him room and heaven and nature sing!  Merry Christmas my friends!!

Do you have any Christmas family tradition that you practice with your family? Do you sometimes feel guilty celebrating in a certain way? 

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

                                                                                                                                   Luke 2:11

Marriage Conference 2011

I really can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend the Family Life marriage conference two weeks ago ‘a weekend to remember’ with my husband in Lone tree, CO.  We laughed together, learned together and Loved! The speakers (Bryan Loritts and Tim & Noreen Muehlholff) were so knowledgeable and super entertaining! At first the thought of leaving the kids overnight anywhere was overwhelming but at 7:30 am on Saturday it was weird (like nice weird) not to hear somebody scream my name across walls “mommy!!!” – What a nice way to get away, spend time with my husband and hear what plans God has for our family~ this husband of mine is truly my gift from God.  

I loved it that there was a variety of couples in the crowd; – couples who’ve  been married for over 40 years Hoot! Then there was the newlywed and pre-weds Hoot!  I loved the woman to woman session. I almost teared up, Noreen is such a sweet and down to earth wife! Also, all the topics were on point… why marriages fail, unlocking the mystery of marriage, marriage after dark, leaving a legacy etc….Well, long, long time ago I used to think marriage conferences were for people with marital issues But as we attended our 2nd conference in 6 years of marriage this past weekend, we met attendees just like us who use it as an opportunity to keep  focus and develop a Godly marriage & Godly parenting. Also learn more about God’s design for our family! In addition, we saw the true value of constantly investing in our marriage no matter how long we are together.. The weekend was totally worth the investment!

We both agree that we owe that to our three children.

Oh, also I just added lots of books under my to read list ~ Top of the list the are,;

Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel and God’s Design for Sex Series by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones

Marriage, I want to get this… Love & respect: the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs [Book]

Join the challenge

Thanks Becoming a Strong Woman of God!

“There are lots of things you can do with sand; but do not try building a house on it.” C.S. Lewis

Love ~ Fall Season..

It’s the fall season! I just “FALL in love with the FALL season…. I don’t know, is it because of the trees turning into colorful shades of yellow, gold, orange and red OR the cool and crisp weather, Maybe the comfort food and Hot chocolate, OR maybe the thought of Christmas around the corner? I don’t take it for granted… Winter, spring, summer and fall, yes, I kind of love them all. I grew up in part of the world that did not have seasons, well we only had 3 seasons: rainy, cool and hot in Kenya… my husband would disagree and say there are 2 kinds of seasons in Nairobi, very hot and hotter.Anyway, whatever the reason I am in love with fall — all I know is I love it!

#1. Sweets and hot drinks like chai or hot chocolate just taste better –recipe from Frugal girls.. on my list…

#2. Watching the changing colors of the leaves.

Fall colors Reflected fall colors on North Fork of Tred Avon River, near Easton MD. Chesapeake Bay,Choptank,tributary,season

#3. CROCK POT and Soups ~ Between all of our busy schedules, shortcuts, planning & organizations an CROCK POT meals are key in my house!

#4. The thought that I can wear a sweatshirt and flip flops together, I love!.

#5.  All of the fun fall festivals

#6. .…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin – Bread, soups and muffins, rolls, and bread

#7. Christmas _ just around the corner

#8. New TV seasons and school is starting up

#9. coats, boots, tights, scarves, you name it.

#10. Thanksgiving with family

Today ~ Murphy’s Law

Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

So this sums up the past 24 hours … sick kids, no sleep, car not starting, and crappy weather. Oh yes, Murphy sums it up, If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then. ‘Rain + sick kids+ no car + walking to pick up from school = … …need I continue?  ‘You never run out of things that can go wrong…’ Murphy

on a sweeter note.. The sweet smell of first rain of the fall is the most refreshing thing in this world! oh but wait….

         Smile… tomorrow will be worse… ‘Murphy’

Soccer mom

Hello world I am official a soccer mom. You should have seen me pacing the sidelines shouting… Go-Go! Get it! Awww… deck chair, insect repellant, sunscreen, hat – all check. All I need now is an enormous van or fancy car to complete my title!!– I think!!! So I have learned a few things…

Soccer Moms Rejoice! Hybrid Minivan on the Way.

  1. A must – Buy a soccer ball, goal yard, cones to use for practice at home
  2. Practice with your kid at home for 20 minutes ( rolling eyes)
  3. Try and learn the game and the rules J

Here is a fun video – I love it! I might be one of these women soon. Explaining to the coach how good my son is and how everyone is super wrong…  Yes I do not understand the game.


So anymore advice— So can praising your child on the soccer field hurt them? Well to my surprise the answer is an unequivocal yes, according to a recent ABC News Nightline story.

Parents keep child’s gender under wraps

You can read the story here:


So I just reading this on Yahoo and thought I would give my .20 cents which might be worth .5ct in this economy ~ So basically this mom is going to keep her child’s ‘sex’ a secret? Wow! Really this world is getting crazier! Society may assign us gender roles, but doesn’t our genetics assign our sex?  I am all for raising my children to be who they want to be, I would never discourage them from stepping out of their gender roles… If my son wants to cook, clean and bake all day I will let him… my little girl plays with planes, train and super hero’s all day. But despite all that, at their ages, they already identify with their specific genders. Sure, sometimes my son picks the dolls and sometimes my daughter pretends to be superman and that is so great. Children will pick up gender cues from the society, regardless of what us parents intend… you remember that whole “nature verse nurture debate” I let them choose what they want to do but with guidance. But not telling their sex to the loved ones or the community sounds crazy!  I believe it is our job as parent’s to lead and guide our little ones, it’s our God-given responsibility! It truly makes the kiddies happy when they are taught and helped with making their choices – it surely did make me feel happy. They need boundaries, guidelines, rules, consequences and opportunities. Really when they are older and more mature, they can make their own decisions – they have their whole life to make their own decisions…

Also, protecting their kids from the very world they will have to function in and suffer or benefit from for the rest of their lives? Wouldn’t this make them feel like outsiders forever?  This world is harsh as it is….. If they are truly fair-minded – why not let the kids interact with other kids?

But you know what who’s judging?

The Royal Wedding!

wow I must say… I was up tearing and watching this modern-day fairy tale wedding! I saw how tight Kate’s dad was holding  her hands and that made me weepy J- Her grace and Pose… beyond words, I can remember with just a hand full of visitors at my weeding and I was tearing up and nervous!

Kate and Will make the perfect couple and Pippa looked great and complimented Kate beautifully. I don’t think she outshone Kate – Words for me cannot describe how beautiful Kate looked that day. Should I say Catherine? The press is already trying to start what I call trouble. Gossip! Both of the Middleton girls are drop dead gorgeous and have the sort of beauty where you have to look twice…to make sure you didn’t miss something the first time! I love their smiles. By the way, their Mom is a wow, too! The apples didn’t fall too far from that tree. I shall quote my friend who just told me “kate will improve the gene pool at this establishment!”  Aha!

I loved the wedding. It even makes the story better to know she was  engaged to him in Kenya!! How many more things can happen in Kenya… president of the USA’s birth place?

I feel good to finally see some good, positive news on TV! I wish them a God filled marriage!

Valentine’s Day – what’s love got to do with it?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Oh and the persistent gazilliondollar marketing commercials blaring at me “celebrate!” So should I be crazily calling babysitters now, trying to find someone to watch the kids so that we can celebrate? Mmm… perhaps I should be making dinner reservations and looking for the just right ‘little’ dress but I’m not. Because when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I am all cynical and partly rebellious to fall for holiday created by the marketing experts to sell cards and candy. Well I also question why I should have to adjust everything I’m always doing just on this particular day of the year by spending money on cards and flowers and chocolates to tell the people I love so much that I love them. I already show to them that I love them every single minute, each day of the year. Besides, having to fight with every couple in town for the few teens willing to baby-sit on Valentine’s Day isn’t a tempting plan. Oh and then try to make a reservation at an overbooked and overpriced restaurant? Really … what’s love got to do with it?

Our Valentine’s Day is a low-key affair, just doing the ‘normal’ things, helping the kids with their dinner, bath and reading bedtime stories. After they are tucked in bed, my husband and I will clean up, pick up the toys and kick back, watching TV.  Then we say the words “I love you” before we close our eyes like we always do every day. But a few days later, when the florist’s prices have gone back to normal, my husband will bring me home my favorite flowers and we’ll ask our favorite babysitter to watch the kids so we can have our standard date night out in town. That’s my ideal V’s Day plan … and it can happen at any day of the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the V’day. I am just sorta not that organized and it’s a nice excuse to prove my relaxing, stress free time at home, my motto ~ the simpler, the better! We will still have our little family traditions and some that we are trying to work on; baking and decorating cookies, having red  food coloring in our milk, making heart-shaped pancakes with red smiley faces. The kids also make cards for grandpa, grandma and their little friends. We also attempt to look forward, on how can we bless somebody, someone having a rough time on February 14th by getting them the message of love. Just teaching random acts of kindness to the kids, and encouraging them to find ways that they can love and care on February 14. Happy Valentines my friends…How about you?

How do you celebrate Valentine? What are some Valentine’s traditions with your family?

It’s the Super Bowl XLIV

I will admit that I thought I could have cared less who won the Super Bowl this year, my favorite teams all went fishing. Well when the game was in progress, I fell on the ‘Geux Saints’ bandwagon. The underdog story. Who Dat! –Well, they won for the first time in the team’s history – sweet!

So my favorite part of Super bowl Sunday is getting together with friends and snacking for four hours – This year we had a sick kid and watched it from underneath our blankets. Also, the super bowl ads (minus those crazy Go daddy), and finally i love the 3rd downs and goals… the adrenaline rush!

“According to the latest reports, 40% of the 100 million viewers tuned in just to watch the ads.” The Ads this year were nothing out of the ordinary for me – It seemed like so many people were half-dressed or something. Furthermore car industries showing off their cars, all I could think of is the Toyota ongoing saga of failing brakes and floor mats getting trapped in the accelerator scary. Also random thought, just wondering who paid the bill for the U.S census commercial ($2.5M); mmm, tax payer’s money?

Well, the most talked about Focus Ad-Tebow and his mom? Crazy how everyone was up and arms about this, what I understand from it is Tebow’s mom had a choice and she made it, deciding not to get an abortion. I am thinking the real test of whether you support the United States Constitution “freedom of speech” is whether you let those people whose opinions differ from your own present their opinions – right?.Well on the bright side at least the Ads were a few steps forward from last years, cash for gold commercials and more go daddy.

I’ll admit, in the afternoon when I sank my hand into a bowl of chips, I was thankful for the excuse to eat junk while watching TV. My son is coming down with a nasty cough so it was a good day to kick back and relax. I’m glad we let ourselves to have it. So I realized in the craziness of life, we need a good excuse to sit down with family and friends and relax – I thank God for the opportunities he provides for me to put my feet up. Spending an afternoon on the ‘couch’ isn’t always a throw away of valuable time. Sometimes it’s a chance to regroup. Even if it involves eating & drinking the ‘wrong’ things like I did, but isn’t that part of the fun or life or both?

So what was your favorite or worst super bowl commercial or what super bowl tradition do you enjoy?

Letting Go that Baggage!

I am not one of those people who use a different bag everyday to match their outfit or shoes! I am just not that organized anymore. I have two little kids and a business to run (In layman terms a home) and very many wild days in my week. I am fortunate if I can get out of the door without forgetting a blankie or wipes or a snack bag or something of that sought. So for that reason I love to use the same bag, so I can just restock and stuff it up with all ‘our ’essentials (junk). Searching for my car keys or lip gloss from this bag is a big project, stuff just keeps coming out. Oh and at the store, you don’t want to wait in line behind me… Yes, I am one of those people who hold up the line to rummage through my enormous handbag (I bring enough stuff for myself and my kiddos to live on for a week).

So last week I saw another one of those studies that women’s purses are now weighing as much as thirteen pounds! It claims women are now lugging more than a healthy weight for their backs and shoulders around. Experts say the ideal bag should weigh two pounds total (are they dreaming!). They want women to let go those heavy purses. Mine is around seven pounds.

How much does your purse/bag/baggage weigh?

True Friendship…

True friends are forever!  My best friend is a man (my husband) I met just over 6 years ago, he knows all about me but is still in love with me. My friends are like a pillar of support to me. You know, I am one of those blessed girls, I have the sweetest friends! I have been honored to stand next to them and witness them take their vows and they have done the same to me.  We have seen each other through this parenting journey…. our crazy pregnancy dreams (our babies born as tadpole or a fish), and our starving in labor stories, food cravings and our fears.

Even though Life has taken many turns and we have been separated by states, cities, countries and even continents but each time we talk we pick up where we left off, laughing our hearts out.  Supporting each other with our ambitions and dreams –and no belittling even when our ideas sound extreme. (like having wolves & vampires as a secret crushes).

So I comprehend the fact that not all friendships are meant to last forever. This is something I’ve been reminding myself over and over especially as an adult. I’m still learning how to choose friends wisely. That might be a little embarrassing knowing I should be an expert at this ~ with all the good friends I have. Sometimes I still depend on the wrong people. Sometimes I have misinformed myself about how close I actually am to a person. None the less, my true friends have been such an amazing gift to me!

Have you ever picked a wrong friend? Do you have friends that you cherish?  …. do share.

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