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New Hobbies

You know what…I have finally diagnosed myself as having Hobby ADD…. I am constantly bouncing from hobby to another hobby – sometimes that is totally fine. .. But some days NOT… it can get pretty expensive! —anyway I like to think of myself the “Jack of all trades, and the master of  zero” – experimenting & learning with stuff.. YES that is what I do best!

So last year I was into Outdoor stuff – hiking, biking with my husband, camping with the family, skiing, rafting you know… ohh also knitting, I did one tiny piece and that was it!

Previous years I was super into scrap booking  my 2 kids books done – one to go! canning – yummy salsa, and reading random fiction and non-fiction books, blogging

Currently I am into sewing… sewing silly stuff – sounds wasteful but super fun, Painting, Spray paint… Yes painting everything using that can, antique scavenger and then ruining them with my silly spray paint… redecorating, new receipies and many more hobbies yet to come…. Stay tune:)-

however, Some of my permanent hobbies — my babies, my family, my girl friends, a cup of starbucks Carmel  frap, good movies, a good book,  travelling with my hubby ~ these never get old!


I think having hobbies should also be counted as one of my hobbies LOL

Today ~ Murphy’s Law

Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

So this sums up the past 24 hours … sick kids, no sleep, car not starting, and crappy weather. Oh yes, Murphy sums it up, If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then. ‘Rain + sick kids+ no car + walking to pick up from school = … …need I continue?  ‘You never run out of things that can go wrong…’ Murphy

on a sweeter note.. The sweet smell of first rain of the fall is the most refreshing thing in this world! oh but wait….

         Smile… tomorrow will be worse… ‘Murphy’

…. A tribute to my beautiful mama

So fresh, I still remember on that Saturday September 11th six years ago when I got the phone call that my mom was gone!  My sister said, ” Nancy mom is gone…” I answered … gone where? and then about 5 seconds later it sank in… YES, she was gone, she had passed!

In my arms I held you tight
Through the hardest part of life
In my heart the memories clear
Of the greatest mum I love so dear
I held you so close to my heart
Praying that we’ll never part
But angels came and took you away
And a tear I shed for your everyday
Now a shining lit up star
My mum will watch from up far
In all the pain I’m going through
Just remember,
I’m here with you & still love you.

RIP until we meet again……

My Garage Sale!

Yep, that is right… this past weekend I had my first garage sale… The sale was overflowing most of the day – yep, It was a great sale, money-wise! Thanks to the help from my friends, who came to watch and feed the kids! But by the 2nd day I felt like I’d run away screaming for sure!

You know, I learned that having a garage sale was way of larger job than I thought. Dealing with the chore of moving boxes and bags from everywhere; cleaning, sorting, pricing, and getting the word out and then the BIG day!

So these were my experiences, you meet some interesting people, some normal some nutty! I tell you garage sale is like a cult to some people ( professional). So then there was a creepy man who didn’t remove his sunglasses but walked straight into my  garage and started looking around in my boxes, do you know it’s kind of violating my privacy. Oh then those ‘incredible’ hagglers, who want to talk you to discount a .25cents for my daughters naked doll (yes, I priced to sell) – really to what now? 10.cents? Oh well, on a bright side, I am smiling to the bank counting my dollars, a couple hundred dollars! A cleaner house and an empty garage (almost), even though I still have tons of sentimental stuff that I just can’t seem to part with.  Oh …I must say that I might have some business blood in me because I actually enjoyed sitting in the sun and chatting to the shoppers. This grandma told me women are lazy these days– just like her pregnant granddaughter, they (we) gain more than 10 pounds while pregnant and cry for epidural while having those big babies oh yes, she didn’t even know that was me 4 months ago, sweet!… I didn’t want to say a word since she was piling up on stuff – I needed that $

So, next time I will play some soft music in the background to give my sale some ambience… fun!

                                             Any weird or great  experiences buying or selling

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