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Baby Gear: 10 Baby Items That I Don’t Need

Me and my  friend were discussing all these many things we bought our kids and realized we never used them even for a week :)-  So we started brain storming what things we never really needed or hardly used — While I agree that none of the items on my list are true necessities, obviously the convenience factor changes according to one’s circumstances.  We are lucky today as parents to have all these things that allows us to have these options and makes our jobs a little easier because all parents know that raising and nurturing a baby is a very tough job let alone having the time and attention for the rest of the family and household chores OR  even jobs outside the home.

These choices that we now have as parents is a luxury no matter how big or small but as a  1st  time mom these  may be the only luxuries you get for a while. Well they also makes you appreciate how hard our parents and grandparents really did have it in their days. I really think that some of these products are there for us to alleviate the stress of parenting.

So whether I think it’s a necessity or not, it’s really up to the a person. The less stress on mother and baby, the happier the family right?

I will add my  top 10 baby gear or items that you do not need to the  list  that I read on this money watch article.  I will write on the top 10 gear that I really LOVED!!!

1. Bottler warmer — we just use hot water to thaw frozen milk especially when you are out of  the house ( 95% of time we are outside).. the frozen milk is already thawed anyway!

2. Wipe warmer.. Oh dear… same thing, we are always on the go and so I can haul this thing everywhere warming the wipes! The wipes are always at room temperature anyway…

3. Fancy Baby monitors – I feel like I am always in the house when the baby is the house and didn’t need one that can transmission 20 or whatever miles away… I would NEVER be miles away from my baby while they are in the house sleeping –

4. Baby sleep positioner – Just too luxurious for me to buy a pillow just to place a baby in a certain way- I sold mine after buying it and used the money to buy diapers :)-

5. Changing table – I rarely went upstairs to change the kiddos… just did it on a changing mat and the point I needed to do it…

6. Drying rack & bottle sterilizer – I just dried the bottles in the dish washer and boiled the ones that felt yucky to sterilize

7.  High chair – Too huge and in my way! just used  graduated them to a booster chair with a back and a strap — saves space!

8. DVD’s Baby Einstein – overrated — period! PBS kids TV was just fine when I need to run into the bathroom for a minute …

9. Diaper genie – Yuck.. I love dirty diapers in the trash not in the house :)-

10.Bumboo seat – These just never felt safe to me… unless they are on the floor.. and I didn’t feel like bending to the floor after popping a baby out anyway…


So what gears did you use the least than expected? Any must have gears?


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