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The Office

I love The Office it is one of those shows where you either love or hate!  I happen to be one of the many fans ‘love at first sight it was’.  It is Thursday night so I look forward to some 30 minutes of laughing out loud. It’s been 3 years since we fell in love with it; actually my husband used watch it way before and to laugh loudly and I wondered what show is that?I trusted his sense of humor and got hooked! Now I feel like I work at Dunder Mifflin.  I sometimes answer my cell phone like I am Pam. If you haven’t watched it yet; it is in a documentary approach different from any regular TV show. So if you can watch a show and handle the silly things, sometimes awkward things the boss (Michael) does, then you will instantly fall for The Office. I usually know The office fans when I read their comments or status on face book orTwitter, ‘Michael Scott – that’s what she said’ is my favorite  quote– I over use it though. So Pam and Jim are now parents – nursing the wrong baby in the hospital – feels like something I would have done with all the pain pills I got (not complaining)! When Michael was driving them to the hospital and they were arguing Michael’s classic ‘Stop arguing do you want your baby to come out a lawyer?’ Hilarious!

Anyway I like, love stories so I wonder who is the new office cupids: The relationships between Andy and Erin is getting serious, but will it last – Mmm? So are Andy and Erin the new Jim and Pam? Erin such a sweet girl who is slowly winning my ( and Andy’s too) heart. I’ll be rooting for them!

Do you watch the office? What is your favorite quote or character?

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