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Dilemma – Child proofing

So, is it even acceptable to lock your kids in their room? Tragic; My kids 4 and 2 years old have taken it upon them to get out of bed when we are still sleeping, get downstairs… Push the chair to the door, unlock the door chains and take off on their bike! I was super terrified at 7 am to find a house with no kids. I didn’t even know what to do on Saturday morning when my husband said ‘the kids are gone’… I thought “Oh No, where?” all the crazy stuff started going thro my head, I was crying- understatement… I was wailing! We are blessed we lived in a street where we know all our neighbors plus the neighbors on the other streets, so instead of the police & Social Services coming to our doors it was the ever nice, caring neighbors. I thought I was not to prepare for sneaking out until teenage year yet – sigh!

I really wondered what happened to the old good days when or he came into my room and told me good morning and gives me kisses?

Anyway, that evening we were having a few fun friends over for dinner and someone suggested locking them in their room. Lock them in till they are ready to abide by the rules of the house” It made sense… what if they go downstairs and start a fire etc — Its sounds cruel… Does it? But thinking about it’s no different than if he were in a crib and couldn’t get out. If there was a fire the child would not know what to do, right?  I have also thought of a baby monitor but this lil engineer with tear it apart! I know In a perfect world, all mom’s should pounce up energetic and ready to go at 5am before the kiddos get up, but the reality of life isn’t that way. Some mornings you we all just need that extra three minutes… :)-

Any other advice parent out there ? Anybody with a sneaking toddler?

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