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Things I would do different …

Inspired my friend Brandy and other fellow bloggers,  Ameena ,  Courtney on what kind of things they would do different as a parent or as a pregnant mama… It got me thinking. Definitely there are 1 million things I would do different if there was even a next time or start doing different… Including – just plain simple, not get pregnant in the first place ‘off course that is joke’ — I love these munchkins!

  1. Just write everything down, Yes I have forgotten many funny-priceless moments already!
  2. Talk to every pregnant mama I see and encourage them and tell them they look great – It’s just “weight” and it’s worth the wait!!!
  3. Wait!!… Maybe gain less weight, yes; I know I am an expert at convincing myself the baby needs a slice of cheesecake every afternoon… So this would be very hard to do different. But I will throw it in here for my doctors, you never know!
  4. Not to be all struck up on the schedule, I know it works… BUT sometimes it’s okay for the baby to follow ‘mommy’s schedule’ right?
  5.  Just stop and enjoy each moment and not to worry over small things or tomorrow.
  6. Not to be too paranoid about nursing in public … Not duck into the restroom all the times…we all eat in public so baby can eat in public too right?
  7. Use the Pacifier / binky– It can be exhausting being the cow and the paci at the same time!
  8. Maybe look more into cloth diapers as a money saving option – I know I am too lazy but note the look in my sentence.
  9. Promise not to let myself compare with anybody else or let anybody compare me or my baby with theirs… They are all different and all special in God’s eyes… easy said than done!
  10. Have great comebacks for those who tell me I am enormous and ask me if I am going to have twins… Oh and even better for the strangers who ask me if my pregnancy was planned
  11. Get out of the house sooner – like really sooner! Sleep + Sun = Happy mummy! Since Sleep is at nil, I might as well double up on the sun.
  12. Not to read too much, really rely on my maternal instinct most of the times… not tie myself in knots reading every book I find – too much information (which many times contradicts anyway) can be dangerous
  13. Just pray for the kiddos more than I am doing…..
  14. Take more pregnancy pictures – Yikes!
  15. Last but not least maybe just raise a cow in the backyard… at the rate milk is being consumed in this house, that would have been a cheaper option :)-

Do you sometimes wonder on what you would do different? Share please…. I love this parent journey, it’s like a maze!

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