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My little Nudist!

Despite my very best efforts to keep her clothed, she is always determined to be naked more than I would like. She can have her clothes off in a minute flat. Yes, we are running out of the door… late as usual, I will dress her to go out and turn around to get her shoes and there she is, totally nude! – In the world of a toddler, running around naked must be a great game and in my world I never care much I usually let her be especially when we don’t have company.potty training

In Kenya, it can get sooo hot that everywhere you look there are naked kids and no-one bats an eyelid. So I try my best not to overreact but I had to really over react today…I’ve tried putting pajamas on her that button, buckle but she can be totally undressed in less than a minute. And those onesis she will stretch the neck and shimmy out, also she takes forever to go to sleep because she spends hours putting her clothes on and taking them off. …Yes. She undressed herself in the crib… Poop everywhere Yuck! grrr….cleaning poop and disinfecting was not in my to do list today — I have to draw the line when she undress at nap time, poop, and then paint with it…

I have been reading and my friends and family suggested these tips for bedtime:-

  • Duct tape around the waist of the diaper and overlap it in the back
  • Fastening the disposable diapers backwards
  • Pair of panties over her diaper or a onesie underneath her clothes
  • When they want to run around necked let them and start potty training
  • Let them be naked –  we’ll raise a generation with a balanced and healthy view of bodies
  • Pajamas inside out at night
  • Putting a diaper pin through the zipper of the one piece Pajama’s works for us.
  • Try the little keeper sleeper  www.littlekeepersleep.com
  • instead of using disposable diapers at nap time use the cloth diapers
Lets see what will work – Anybody out there with a lil nudist? Any tips?

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