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Why God Closes Doors

I have always wondered, why God would decide to close doors on his people all over sudden. Well, I have always heard this, ‘God will open the door’ but nobody ever explains why he just closed the door that seemed wide open.  Growing up when I made a mistake or did something stupid, I remember everyone around me said this – sounded like a cliché back then “God protects the Innocent and the stupid’. So now I will keep asking  God to protect me in my moments of foolishness or innocence, and I Thank Him for His faithful watchful eye. I Pray also for the wisdom make less and less dumb & foolish mistakes. (smiles)

So to cut my story short I came across this article from Dr. Stanley (www.inotuch.org)and thought I would repost it here.

JEREMIAH 10:23-24

A blockaded opportunity is a useful teaching tool. God’s ultimate objective is to mold us into the image of His Son, and toward that end, He at times prevents us from doing or having something we desire.

– Closed doors prevent mistakes. Just because a path is clear does not mean it is the one God intends for us to follow. Sometimes we won’t have the information we need to make a wise decision, so He bars the way either spiritually or physically. The Holy Spirit can see the whole road map for our lives, which is why we are to follow His guidance.

– Closed doors redirect our walk. Rest assured, God never leaves a willing servant with nothing to do. The alternate opportunity He has in mind will yield bigger fruit, more satisfaction, and greater glory for Him.

– Closed doors test faith and build perseverance. Waiting for the Lord to speak or act is hard, particularly when our desire has been denied. But we’ll learn wisdom, patience, and trust by pausing prayerfully until He reveals His will.

– Closed doors buy us time. We are not always as prepared as we’d like to think. God may temporarily hold shut an opportunity for service until a believer is properly equipped for kingdom work.

In spite of the repeated use of “closed door” in this devotion, the real message is that God opens doors. He has created a perfect pathway for us to follow. Keep your feet on it, and you will walk over thresholds leading to service, satisfaction, and glory for your Lord.

Have you ever had an opportunity or situation that you feel God closed the door and you are now glad he did?

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