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Kenya 2012 Part II

So I posted pictures of our 1st part of the trip here   and Mark made a video you can view it here.. After Mark left I had moments of ‘ticket change remorse’ but I knew I had a few business to take care of here ( so I consoled myself)  I missed Mark..The kids missed him sooo much.

*** May I just brag that Joey has a cuteee ( not biased at all) Kenyan accent! He speaks lots of swahili in sentences… proud mama!****

Okay here is a treat to Kenyan sunset:)-

Mara sunset

Sarah is attempting to walk to keep up with the big cousins.

Stepping it up :)-

Eat, Laugh & Wow..its been years! These girls I have known since 1st grade!

April is here, my baby Joey turned 5! A day at luna park and then a day  of eating cake Yum…- Happy 5th birthday Joey and God bless you.

Joey, Hannah and Cousin T

Kisses for birthday boy

more kisses for birthday boy

Best Friends (Cousins)

Ahhh the cake!

The cake!

Alright,  9 days later guess who turns one ! My Sweet Sarah is one…. where did time go? Happy Birthday Sarah we love you so much and God bless you sweet girl…

Birthday girl and digestive biscuits

Birthday Girl

Kenyan yummy food

The party is on….

After all the April sugar.. we spent time visiting with family & friends.

Cousin Marion – Love you girl


Aunt Millie & Family ( Reminds me so much of my mom… always loving and giving)

Took a bus to go see my other Aunt Grace — so warm, welcoming and abundant love! She lives out in the country running a library and farming.

buying vegetables on our way

Random young boys heading to the river to get some water…

Random..beautiful young girl walk back from school

Aunt Grace on the far right -- these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)

Aunt Grace on the far right — these are all her children, in-laws, neighbors (loving bunch)


Okay — so Hannah got sick, scare! she gets fibril seizures anytime her  temperatures rises real fast. So she did gets one of those and I was not HOME, I was 30 miles away and in Nairobi traffic that translates to (2hrs away)! I still shake up typing this… — Well  lets all just pray for her to outgrow it. Doc said around 5-6year Yikes. Seems so far!

My sick baby –

Its getting close just a 3 weeks to go! I am already feeling rushed again….

My fishes.. Harriet & Joey

Finally Sarah in the pool

Finally Sarah in the pool

Hannah loved carrying her baby on her back…just like all us African mamas

Baby on my back….



Chapati just test better in the laundry basket

Chapati just test better in the laundry basket


Then the tradition –family picture time came. Off course typical of “some” of us, it had to be a last minute project. Getting everyone together was hard ( yes) — considering Kenya is smaller than Colorado and Nairobi is probable the size of Castle rock (maybe not).  We picked a date and time –but again… only 1 person on time…most of us were late some 1 hour late, some 2, 4 hours and some forgot all together.. cutting this story short.. here is the family 5 out of 6! I love you all… laughing at how the pics turned out :)- OR maybe that I am the one who was super LATE:)-

my siblings 5 out of 6

Well well.. we left Kenya on May 2nd.. I mean it, everybody took us to the airport..a fleet! felt special, I cried leaving. The kids slept in flight since we were traveling at their regular sleep times– the layover was still the hardest!  Entertaining them for 10 hours nonstop took a toll on my body and brain…  but we were so glad to be back! Thanks to Mark for letting us take so much time away ( we missed you so much)

Thank you friends and family for all the prayers and sweet emails, calls and texts!!

So happy to see daddy!

Glad to be home…praise God for the wonderful trip!

***Okay I said I would not whine about it anymore but whatever!  so the airport officer ( what are they called?) threw away my Kenyan beef spices Roiko at the point of entry ( I choose not to dwell on that today)  but I had to whine a little more again today — I cried wept!!…

FUN …..here are a few random pics why I LOVE AFRICA …  just for laughs from all over ( and Africa, this is why i live here)  enjoy and laugh… “…Yes every 60 seconds life does happen in Africa!”

Importance of play

Yes – keep playing

need ride? ( boderline walk)

Do you need ride ? ( borderline walk)

goat ride...

goat ride…

well worn

well worn

hanging out….

Think twice before littering

Stopping car theft

Stopping car theft ( NOTE: I didn’t experience this…)

I love the singular use….

24 hours? --- African time it means!... "Stacia don't laugh"

24 hours? — African time it means!… “Stacia don’t laugh”




..and if you are in PETA that chicken is totally fine.. African chicken know how to relax!

Chicken having his tea

Chicken having his tea

Cows crossing… I love Africa!

TV cafe … like movie theaters. just pay to watch

Tell me - don't you love Africa?

Tell me – don’t you love Africa?

Enjoyment of the English language) ...

Enjoyment of the English language) …

Okay… enough.. Thank you all again! you thankful for everything in this life!



Summer Bucket list

So the summer seems be coming  to an end  (at least for me…) and the do to bucket list is still full.. Lots of family, friends  and travelling  going on. So today we decided to go venture the Denver zoo and it felt like a real zoo! Kids running everywhere, all the soccer moms screaming ‘Makyla, Kaylin, Ethan…you know those names that sounds the same to me….’  looking for their children. Animals everywhere – the parking lot full with vans and luxury cars – sigh!

Anyway, lesson # 1 learned, don’t schedule or add any house hold projects in the summer bucket list— it will never be done!!! — Strawberries, Splash, Sprinklers, Swimming = Super Summer

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