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Letting Go that Baggage!

I am not one of those people who use a different bag everyday to match their outfit or shoes! I am just not that organized anymore. I have two little kids and a business to run (In layman terms a home) and very many wild days in my week. I am fortunate if I can get out of the door without forgetting a blankie or wipes or a snack bag or something of that sought. So for that reason I love to use the same bag, so I can just restock and stuff it up with all ‘our ’essentials (junk). Searching for my car keys or lip gloss from this bag is a big project, stuff just keeps coming out. Oh and at the store, you don’t want to wait in line behind me… Yes, I am one of those people who hold up the line to rummage through my enormous handbag (I bring enough stuff for myself and my kiddos to live on for a week).

So last week I saw another one of those studies that women’s purses are now weighing as much as thirteen pounds! It claims women are now lugging more than a healthy weight for their backs and shoulders around. Experts say the ideal bag should weigh two pounds total (are they dreaming!). They want women to let go those heavy purses. Mine is around seven pounds.

How much does your purse/bag/baggage weigh?

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