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Love ~ Fall Season..

It’s the fall season! I just “FALL in love with the FALL season…. I don’t know, is it because of the trees turning into colorful shades of yellow, gold, orange and red OR the cool and crisp weather, Maybe the comfort food and Hot chocolate, OR maybe the thought of Christmas around the corner? I don’t take it for granted… Winter, spring, summer and fall, yes, I kind of love them all. I grew up in part of the world that did not have seasons, well we only had 3 seasons: rainy, cool and hot in Kenya… my husband would disagree and say there are 2 kinds of seasons in Nairobi, very hot and hotter.Anyway, whatever the reason I am in love with fall — all I know is I love it!

#1. Sweets and hot drinks like chai or hot chocolate just taste better –recipe from Frugal girls.. on my list…

#2. Watching the changing colors of the leaves.

Fall colors Reflected fall colors on North Fork of Tred Avon River, near Easton MD. Chesapeake Bay,Choptank,tributary,season

#3. CROCK POT and Soups ~ Between all of our busy schedules, shortcuts, planning & organizations an CROCK POT meals are key in my house!

#4. The thought that I can wear a sweatshirt and flip flops together, I love!.

#5.  All of the fun fall festivals

#6. .…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin – Bread, soups and muffins, rolls, and bread

#7. Christmas _ just around the corner

#8. New TV seasons and school is starting up

#9. coats, boots, tights, scarves, you name it.

#10. Thanksgiving with family

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