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Kenya 2012 – Part I

The Flight: So I left Denver at 6 PM with 3 kids under 4 on a 24 hour flight/ trip to Nairobi. I must say it went OK ( not that i expected anything better…) They fell asleep in-flight at 9PM Denver time and voila! we arrived  Heathrow London ( I don’t like this airport at all…) at 3 AM Denver time… We had to switch aiports, with 3 kids and a carry on and a backpack – some nice, handsome pilots helped me on the train and then I was by myself  for a 45 mins bus ride and check in ( Oh I don’t like this airport)….This is when trouble began.. how do you entertain your kids at an airport for 9 hours layover at this odd time of the day.night? … my mother in law had sent me a care in flight package with an energy shot in it.. so that was helpful.   I had a color book and stickers from Mel which kept them busy for awhile, then Clair gave me calm homeopathic tablets and this helped calm down everyone eventually– after 7 hours of STOP IT! QUIT THAT… they fell asleep and 2 hours latter we boarded for Nairobi….they refused to fall asleep… They played around (aka noise) for 5 hours, made friends and just slept for the last 3 hour… Thank you for all your prayers, we made it to the city under the sun!

Baby Sarah sleeping

Nap at the airport

In flight fun

We arrived Kenya at 6 AM. Oh, I forgot to say, they accidentally checked in my double stroller in Denver all the way to Nairobi – remember I didn’t like London Airport? So we arrive to Nairobi and the stroller is missing… anyway, safe and sound we are ready to enjoy the  fresh air, family, Friends and the sun –

Here introducing my family…. I have 5 siblings, 4 In-laws, 8 nieces and nephews.. gazillion cousins, aunts and uncles – I love it!

Eldest sister Lilian

My siblings from left - Colin, Cliff, Awino and us

My youngest brother Cliff

My loving sister In-law Philly and bro Poly


Aunt Nancy

Left: My sister in Law Euphie, Brother In Law, My sister Awino, cousin Violet and us

My niece baby Sheryl passed away on February 15th may your soul rest in peace sweet girl. So thankful I got to meet you and hold you.

Kenya is the same, it feels like a vacation but its home.. East or west I guess home is home! … we were all ready to have fun.

snack time - chevra perhaps

Cooling off with Nicole


Slip and slide

Pool fun

New hair do - in progress...

Our nanny Triza

One of those a must photos at the animal orphanage

Hugs from cousin Violet

Awww... my BFF Joy & her family

Welcome Yummy Cake - Thank you Joy & Family

After the jet lag and a few weeks of resting in Nairobi, we decided to start on our road trips. Its time to go to Alego for some country life.  It was a quick 6 hour trip – after 24 hours in the plane everything seems quick anyway.

Arrived Alego

Shower time

Celebrating the harvest

Back on the road to Eldoret to see a good family friend Marianne and a beautiful drive thro nandi hills and the Kerio valley.   At this point you should think we are getting used to these long road trip but we still get cranky…just love showing off my birth country to my family.

Enjoying the view

The Kerio Valley

Girls -

The boys

week 4;  drove to Imbo to see my maternal grandma and cousins. My grandma is one kind woman, courageous, generous, loving, nurturing, Intelligent, funny, faithful, compassionate.. I could write a whole book on her…

Grandma Dearest

Fire is ready!



chai and Bread time....

More upcountry pictures…

Hardworking African mama

Herding the cows

Random beautiful kids

Swinging under the Mango tree

Drying our clothes

Chasing the goats

Two Akinyi's - I love these girls!

Fresh Water!

Maji baridi


Week six, we are back to Nairobi… resting and swimming. I signed up Joey for Swim lessons so we are just taking it easy, meeting up with more family & friends, a few business and ‘important stuff” here and there… 

Sarah getting so big

New baby - Friends from High School :)- love you girls!

Play station time

Our drive back to Nairobi

Swim classes

So week seven; My baby is here! Yes Mark got in safe – thank you again for all the prayers. Mark got in at 11PM after the kids were in bed , so in the morning, it was lots of screaming, hugs and kisses from the kids.


We took many trips around including going back to the village, he went back hills hiking…then to see my grandma again…

My kids want a bunny? these were $2 a piece

A monkey on our car... Africa!

View Point

Date night with childhood girlfriend Trixie and her husband Henry...

Date night with my friend Joy & her hubby Albert

Just taking it easy enjoying daddy and playing catch up. we took a trip to lake Nakuru National park.

We drove up to Kajiado to see our Compassion sponsor child Naiserian. Her beautiful laugh, smile just warmed our hearts. So thankful to God we can experience this rare opportunity with you – God bless you.

Visiting Naiserian, her brother and mom

Naiserian School


My Africa! cows and zebra grazing together....

Giraffes on the road - our drive home

Week 8 is here…. we are getting ready to fly back to America (never mind, we have decided to stay another 5 weeks)—-Its my birthday this week, a passion fruit cake was ordered :)- and saying goodbyes to my hubby dearest (tears….)

Family picture.....

Birthday cake

samosa time...

Well I am so thankful for all the support, prayers, emails, skype, text messages and phone calls – I miss you all my other friends and family in America and the world. God bless.



DIY: Fire Truck 4th Birthday Party

My Baby boy turns 4

Fire Truck Cake

Fire Truck Cake

It’s been a nice 4 year having my baby in life… I still get excited when we celebrate another birthday. This time, a fire truck birthday party – yes with real fire men! I loved this cake from the Betty Crocker tutorial and my  girl friend Angie help me put it together. My first cake and it was super easy! How fun!  The age four is just a magnified 3 years old…If you think 3-year-olds are busy, inquisitive, and fun, Oh! 4-year-olds are all that time’s 10… Lively, energetic, and sociable!

Fire Truck  Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes

Fire Truck Cupcakes - My friend & Her daughter

Spraying water - fire truck

LOUD TOYS: On a different, why do manufacturers make toys’ volume so obnoxiously loud? I need ear plugs for

some things… somebody suggested putting clear tape over the speaker, Will need to drag myself to find that tape.

Happy Birthday my baby, you changed my world 4 years ago – God bless you!

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