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Mothers day 2011 …..

I tell my husband that the kids are gifts to me and that is enough for me but  still they get me cards and flowers + an afternoon of picnic and ice-cream!  Just cuddle, giggles, kisses, hugs and reading a book to them sounds enough to me –I love them and I am thankful for them making me a mother!  Many challenges but so many more rewards….The greatest gift  I hope to give them as a Mom is to raise them with a passion for God’s Word and to tell them of God’s Love and His plans for their future.

I love all my friends & family too – they make this day special with great cards and messages…  my only wish is that  my mum was alive so that I celebrate, hug, laugh with her and  tell her how much I appreciated her ~thank you for showing me how to be a mother. I remember you momma in such a special way.

Quotes from other moms…

  1. I remember when I was a kid I asked my mom “When is it Kid’s Day?” She said “Honey, EVERY day is Kid’s Day.” LOL. So here’s to us…overworked, sometimes under-appreciated, sleep deprived, exhausted Moms! -Joy B.
  2. Even though you may feel unappreciated, exhausted and busy as heck, take the day to sit back and look at the miracles you made. -Tammy B.
  3. Mother’s Day is just another excuse for me to make myself brownies for breakfast. -Renee C.
  4. Both my kids got sick with the flu the day before Mother’s Day so my hubby and I spent the day taking care of our girls. I’m pretty sure that is what being a mommy is all about though. -Julia P.
  5. Mother’s Day is what you make of it. Give your kid a huge hug and sit and cuddle while reading a book, or watch some TV. It’s the love, not the sleeping in. -Michelle M.
  6. I’ve learned over the years to not expect too much out of commercial holidays; treat each day as Mom’s Day by glomming onto the unexpected compliments, smiles from your children and moments of gratefulness. The gifts, flowers, etc. that are pushed on families for Mothers’ Day are overrated. Wait until your child brings you his/her own specially picked dandelion or such and your heart will soar. -Sharron M.
  7. You will always be your child’s favorite toy. -Vicki L.
  8. As long as you never give her a pony. -Katherine C.
  9. If your kids are giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the part that says ‘keep away from children.’ -Susan S.
  10. This is my 22nd Mother’s Day…I can honestly say they seem to be like birthdays, some good and some are the worst. No matter what, take the day to pat yourself on the back and know you are the best mom. -Chris C.

We hope your Mom’s Day is perfect… Happy, Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

Recap 2010

2010 was our greatest year! We had so much fun trying out new things and travelling to new places. Ever loving friends and family affection– I am so thankful! … 2011 just as it sounds, feels like a good year already. It is day eight and I have already read a great romance novel (Looks Like Love – By my friend good Brandy Bruce) – This is definitely a good sign for this year. I never do resolutions; I just love taking life easy! – … anyway life is never boring in this house. There is always somebody needing a diaper changed, drawing on the walls with crayons! So who needs more tasks? So here is a quick recap of the FUN 2010 ~ I really look forward to another awesome year!

Confessions & Bad Mommy moments ~ 2010

  • Did I occasionally exaggerate how hard my day was? Oh, some days avoiding new tasks..
  • Did I secretly skip pages when reading books to my child? Mmm… maybe
  • Did I make a loud, annoying toy disappear? YES… we don’t need any more drama!
  • Have I pretended my baby was crying to get off the phone? I thank God for my crying babies they save me at those moments!
  • Did I ever forgotten to buckle my child into his car seat? Well one day driving … I just heard, someone whisper by my ears hi mommy!
  • Did I ever yell at my children? Oh Never! Who does this…? (wondering aloud…)

A few awesome moments ~ 2010

  • Quick ‘ Illegal’ naps
  • When cashiers opened up a new check-out lanes at the store just in time before chaos erupted for me and a cranky kid
  • When people flash their high beams to warn about the cops – when I was actually speeding:)-
  • when I see my kids laughing/smiling in their sleep
  • when on hold with the worst customer service but the hold music is actually great!
  • Smell of Gasoline – Yes! (Weird…) – way better than taking off the bra after a long day
  • Gobbling a whole box of English chocolates on New Year’s Eve – Thanks Dawn!

Question of the Year 2010

  • How many servings of carbohydrates to you give your kids each day? – Really? do we really have to count those too?

Hope everyone had a great 2010 with awesome moments despite the up & downs we all go thru’ in life. I wish you a Happy New Year to you and many more of God’s blessings in 2011.

Any Awesome moments, off guard questions or confession you got?

See you in 2011!

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