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25 Facts About Me….

Just settling back, after our 13 week trip to Kenya…sigh, still missing Kenya but glad i am back home….I have tried to catch up with my blogs, doctors, friends, house work etc.

Today hoping over at A Day in Mollywood   and Brandy to join the – ‘25 random facts’ blog

  1. I truly believe ” I can do everything thro Christ who gives me strength”
  2. I really think  I have way too many hobbies…
  3. …enough energy to power a train :)- deadly fear of doing nothing! and also more people with whom I speak, the better I feel
  4. I am a social bug ! I love meeting new people, young and old, different, alike… I just love people period!
  5. Went to boarding school at the age of 6
  6. Was in boarding school for 12 year… first grade thro high school
  7. I love parties… Attending and throwing! _ but I am not a party animal… mmm
  8. I love stories… listening and sharing; people’s journey, joys, walks, struggles childhood stories — my mom used to call me “ambaka
  9. I can’t sing but hellooo I can dance (I think I can dance… does that count?)
  10. My husband and I grew up in 2 different continents (Africa & America) but our childhood mirror each other…Proof you could be different but alike.
  11. Love traveling with my husband and kids… always stressful with whiney kids but looking back  those are the best memories
  12. I love taking pictures – way too many pictures, I annoy the hubby and kids
  13. I dream of homeschooling so we can get up and travel anytime I feel like but I know we would just sit at the pool and play at the park all day – It’s not my thing to teach kids basically.
  14. My husband and I, our goal  is to visit and even better live in all the worlds continents  how many  more to go?—I better hurry
  15. Honestly, there are a gazillion ways that I suck at being a mother/wife. But there is one way that tells me I’m a the greatest one:  I love my husband and kids with everything inside of me
  16. I bite my nails :)-
  17. Just a couple more years here and I would have spent half my life in Africa and Half in the USA… I will throw a party note to # 6
  18. Dual citizen (Kenyan-American) but I have never voted for a president??…
  19. You know if you ask me again tomorrow, I would have a different list… I change my mind about stuff as quick as I make my up my mind
  20. I don’t think I can ever forget how painful labor was… secretly envy those who do/did
  21. Things you can’t say – I never fall in love with my kiddos at 1st sight – but later when all the blood and yucky stuff has been washed off… then I am now in love!
  22. This is getting scary… reveling too much. What If I run for president some day?
  23. I think I am hypochondriac if I spend more than 5 minutes on WebMD I have to call my doctor… I somehow start developing the symptoms
  24. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power!
  25. #25 I am glad you are here! last I can fall asleep anywhere… even standing :)-

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