Exodus 14:13: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" ..

Family Pictures

I am one of those people who love pictures. I treasure those memories in pictures but sometimes it could be very stressful!  My kids are squirmy! If you read my thankful list,  my camera features there!!! So my friend Wendy was very nice to take our fall pictures. My other friend Angie before launching her business used to take our pictures.  These are  friends  not only whose work I  like, but ones who makes my kids feel at ease and has fun with them so they  naturally smile and laugh.

I do love the outdoors photography, the natural light but am not anti studio – I love the studio look with  clean solid color background and props for the  kids.We love it when a  professional photographer takes our pictures too, but my kids sometimes are not in the mood :)- This time around I used some bribes — lollipop! I tell you it worked, we got some really nice one.. my wall and frames are  waiting!!!

See the lollipop?

A good one of the 3 kids

All smiles

Love the natural light outside

I will post the rest on a private album on Facebook –

So what is your strategy in keeping the kids still when you take family pictures?

Comments on: "Family Pictures" (14)

  1. The kids are sooo cute ! Oh my gosh !

  2. Thanks for visiting Coping with Frugality and sharing your link. I love the last one of your daughter and her doll 🙂 Natural lighting is the best tip that I think I missed!

  3. They are gorgeous! Love the lollipop one best of all. 🙂

  4. Please do tell. This past Sunday we went to JCPenney to take Holiday photos and we only managed 1 decent photo of Parker after 40 mins of fidgeting.

  5. Oh btw the kids look amazing!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! I really love the last one, with the Raggedy Ann doll in color, very cool! You have adorable kids!

  7. Those are beautiful!! I love pix like these!

  8. Wonderful photos….i like i like…you have wonderful kids…they look so similar to mine-age wise…

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