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DIY: Wipe off Menu Board


So I am still in the project mood… I decided to make a cute erasable board for project planning but changed my mind and use it for our bi-weekly menus. I am not a menu girl; I usually love the surprise of what is for dinner today!… but with the busy fall schedules, I will give in and do a menu list. I am one of them  who will wander and wander aimlessly around the  store for four hours shopping and then  make 100 more trips back during the week to get more things ask my hubby on his way home  from work to grab something I forgot ..

 Anyway here is an old picture frame with a pretty scrapbook paper +95 .cents silver tripod from Walmart and  erasable maker.

PS: I will paint the frame a different color ( maybe black, maybe lime green) soon… will update pictures…

After Pictures




AShley @ Make it and love it

Little Birdies

Orangie’s Attic

Comments on: "DIY: Wipe off Menu Board" (5)

  1. Turned out really cute!!

  2. Great job Nancy! It turned out really nice, and I love how you have 2 weeks of meals on there! I’ve always had a hard time with making menus ahead of time because I just make meals from whatever the sales are each week. I was surprised though how much simpler dinner time has become since using our board! I hope you enjoy yours as much as we do!
    Thanks for stopping by to see our menu board! =)

    ~ Mara @ Super Savings

  3. What a great idea! Love the idea of using it for a menu border, nothing written in stone for me! Ya never know when I will change my mind in what I want for dinner! Love this!

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