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New Hobbies

You know what…I have finally diagnosed myself as having Hobby ADD…. I am constantly bouncing from hobby to another hobby – sometimes that is totally fine. .. But some days NOT… it can get pretty expensive! —anyway I like to think of myself the “Jack of all trades, and the master of  zero” – experimenting & learning with stuff.. YES that is what I do best!

So last year I was into Outdoor stuff – hiking, biking with my husband, camping with the family, skiing, rafting you know… ohh also knitting, I did one tiny piece and that was it!

Previous years I was super into scrap booking  my 2 kids books done – one to go! canning – yummy salsa, and reading random fiction and non-fiction books, blogging

Currently I am into sewing… sewing silly stuff – sounds wasteful but super fun, Painting, Spray paint… Yes painting everything using that can, antique scavenger and then ruining them with my silly spray paint… redecorating, new receipies and many more hobbies yet to come…. Stay tune:)-

however, Some of my permanent hobbies — my babies, my family, my girl friends, a cup of starbucks Carmel  frap, good movies, a good book,  travelling with my hubby ~ these never get old!


I think having hobbies should also be counted as one of my hobbies LOL

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