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Soccer mom

Hello world I am official a soccer mom. You should have seen me pacing the sidelines shouting… Go-Go! Get it! Awww… deck chair, insect repellant, sunscreen, hat – all check. All I need now is an enormous van or fancy car to complete my title!!– I think!!! So I have learned a few things…

Soccer Moms Rejoice! Hybrid Minivan on the Way.

  1. A must – Buy a soccer ball, goal yard, cones to use for practice at home
  2. Practice with your kid at home for 20 minutes ( rolling eyes)
  3. Try and learn the game and the rules J

Here is a fun video – I love it! I might be one of these women soon. Explaining to the coach how good my son is and how everyone is super wrong…  Yes I do not understand the game.


So anymore advice— So can praising your child on the soccer field hurt them? Well to my surprise the answer is an unequivocal yes, according to a recent ABC News Nightline story.

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  1. Welcome to the soccer mom world!

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