Exodus 14:13: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" ..

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Oh and the persistent gazilliondollar marketing commercials blaring at me “celebrate!” So should I be crazily calling babysitters now, trying to find someone to watch the kids so that we can celebrate? Mmm… perhaps I should be making dinner reservations and looking for the just right ‘little’ dress but I’m not. Because when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I am all cynical and partly rebellious to fall for holiday created by the marketing experts to sell cards and candy. Well I also question why I should have to adjust everything I’m always doing just on this particular day of the year by spending money on cards and flowers and chocolates to tell the people I love so much that I love them. I already show to them that I love them every single minute, each day of the year. Besides, having to fight with every couple in town for the few teens willing to baby-sit on Valentine’s Day isn’t a tempting plan. Oh and then try to make a reservation at an overbooked and overpriced restaurant? Really … what’s love got to do with it?

Our Valentine’s Day is a low-key affair, just doing the ‘normal’ things, helping the kids with their dinner, bath and reading bedtime stories. After they are tucked in bed, my husband and I will clean up, pick up the toys and kick back, watching TV.  Then we say the words “I love you” before we close our eyes like we always do every day. But a few days later, when the florist’s prices have gone back to normal, my husband will bring me home my favorite flowers and we’ll ask our favorite babysitter to watch the kids so we can have our standard date night out in town. That’s my ideal V’s Day plan … and it can happen at any day of the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the V’day. I am just sorta not that organized and it’s a nice excuse to prove my relaxing, stress free time at home, my motto ~ the simpler, the better! We will still have our little family traditions and some that we are trying to work on; baking and decorating cookies, having red  food coloring in our milk, making heart-shaped pancakes with red smiley faces. The kids also make cards for grandpa, grandma and their little friends. We also attempt to look forward, on how can we bless somebody, someone having a rough time on February 14th by getting them the message of love. Just teaching random acts of kindness to the kids, and encouraging them to find ways that they can love and care on February 14. Happy Valentines my friends…How about you?

How do you celebrate Valentine? What are some Valentine’s traditions with your family?

Comments on: "Valentine’s Day – what’s love got to do with it?" (12)

  1. I celebrate Valentines day by calling my husband. This year he bought me Flowers and a Teddy bear since it is our first one since we got married. But next year we will just chill. We have too many Money making holidays already. But for me Val’s day is just a day to be with the one’s I love in person or using any other modern technology available out there.

    • Marion How sweet – you newly weds! Happy valentines and many many more to come for you two great couple.
      Love you both

  2. Wish everyone felt the same way, I agree the pressure to keep up with “stuff” on Valentine is false and if we can make it our everyday reality we would not need a Valentines Day.

    • Glad we think the same. “Great minds……” right? I also thought It was Njeri’s birthday but 2 more days. Happy birthday to that sweet lil girl!

  3. Happy valentines….lol

    I so agree with you.. I take this day to kick back and relax.. We should not have to show the pple we love just on this one day that we love them.. it should be an everyday thing…

    This one day is like the worst day to go out.. if you do make it to your favorite restaurant.. you have to wait for a while before a table opens up and when it does, you feel like you are being rushed by the waiter/ess who keeps passing by your table asking how you are doing and what s/he wants to say is ” Finish up quickly so that another couple can sit here and I can go home..”

    My husband and I spent the day at home.. he made breakfast.. and dinner… and that is what I call a wonderful day..I am not a flowers or candy person.. so he is definately liking that…then ofcourse before we sleep just like every other day.. we whisper the words I love you.. and kiss goodnight and tommorrow is another day….

    • Glad we agree on this (some of us and our $$, we are tight…) .. What a cute newly weds :)- Hubby mad breakfast and dinner sweet hubby! Good luck with everything and many more valentines for you two!

  4. Happy Valentine too dear,am going to be indoors this valentine,jst taking it slowly listening to K.Sweat,and B. Adams. Love u ma dear,God’s love,care n blessings.

  5. Will read it. Thanks for sharing. He he ati valentines day?…..whats that? LOL. OK my day was…church, lunch (ugali na matumbo yum yum) and loooooong afternoon nap and TV and getting pissed at politicians esp Raila and Kibaki. They kinda ruined valentines for everyone 🙂 Have a blessed week.

    • Hello My friend. I love it Matumbo yum,yum…. I cant wait to get home and eat some.. there is no Matumbo here….
      Politicians spoil my mood so I have decided to steer away from politics but mazee those people have run down our country I pray for Kenya everyday… Be blessed my dear!

  6. Hi Nancy, i felt like you were writing about my feelings and opinions as well as my life for the most part. i feel the same about Valentines. Everyday can and should be a little valentine day for any and every couple. I don’t buy into the fantasies that tv marketting makes any thing to be!!

    • Pastor Jackee –
      Glad you feel the same… Amazing how we get caught up on material holidays and forget even why and what we are celebrating? Mmm….

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