Exodus 14:13: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" ..

True Friendship…

True friends are forever!  My best friend is a man (my husband) I met just over 6 years ago, he knows all about me but is still in love with me. My friends are like a pillar of support to me. You know, I am one of those blessed girls, I have the sweetest friends! I have been honored to stand next to them and witness them take their vows and they have done the same to me.  We have seen each other through this parenting journey…. our crazy pregnancy dreams (our babies born as tadpole or a fish), and our starving in labor stories, food cravings and our fears.

Even though Life has taken many turns and we have been separated by states, cities, countries and even continents but each time we talk we pick up where we left off, laughing our hearts out.  Supporting each other with our ambitions and dreams –and no belittling even when our ideas sound extreme. (like having wolves & vampires as a secret crushes).

So I comprehend the fact that not all friendships are meant to last forever. This is something I’ve been reminding myself over and over especially as an adult. I’m still learning how to choose friends wisely. That might be a little embarrassing knowing I should be an expert at this ~ with all the good friends I have. Sometimes I still depend on the wrong people. Sometimes I have misinformed myself about how close I actually am to a person. None the less, my true friends have been such an amazing gift to me!

Have you ever picked a wrong friend? Do you have friends that you cherish?  …. do share.

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  1. yes i have friends i cherish..not too many friends though because like you i have learnt the hard way and have resolved to keep them few and precious..

    its the friends that see me through life, they are the ones that help me pick the pieces and i know that if anything happens to me…they are the ones that will get there first.

    they are the ones i would donate my kidney or liver or whatever organ to…they are loved and they know who they are.. few are my relatives most are not and it is hard to tell that we are not sisters or brothers! long live friendships!

    like my late mother would say ” it is not important that you are my relative..you must first be my friend”..i take those words everywhere i go…

    • Wow Lynette Thanks for the counsel ~ very nice way to put it. I loved your mom’s put it” it is not important that you are my relative. You must first be my friend”

  2. Life sometimes is a mystery with the friends it sends our way. There is an apt saying that there are friends for a reason and a season. It’s sad, though sometimes not so much, but true. How many of us have friends who were so close to us at some point you thought they would be in your life forever…but time or life has happened, that you arre unaware of where they are now or what they are upto?
    Or that friend who is such a drama queen, she puts Susan Myers of Desperate Housewives to shame!
    Or that friend who is finally in good relationship you can’t help but smile every time you see her and her man;
    Or that friend who’s relationship forms the basis of what you want yours to be like;
    All these and more form the friendships around me and thru the years they have become my family and I would do anything for them and I love them to bits
    Long live friendships!

    • Sandra sometimes you wonder why God sends some “friends”our way — what is their purpose in our life? Drama queen aha, I thought you would refrence Gabriel solice (sp) or something like that aha…..

  3. So glad to know you Nancy! And your sweet little babies. I wish I could make the drive to Colo Springs more frequently :(.

    • Thanks Sabe!
      I am so glad I know you too… maybe one day we can both move in the middle of Denver and Colorado Springs and be neighbors a place like “castle Rock” Aha! We love you….:)-

  4. ok,today am caught coz I have been reading the blogs and i sometimes go back on some when am looking for ‘something’ to move me. Friendships is one of the most complex and simplest things in life. The other day I wondered why I cant have more than 2 handfuls of friends and remembered what a friend told me, draw up circles and as they get larger, define where each person falls at each stage of that circle. I agree Nanc, friendships are special and for each person, its different.

    • Aluoch,
      That is a very good way to think about it.. draw a circle and put dot… thank you for sharing.


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